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September 13, 2012

I want a cloud free night!

While checking out some cool photos on the net, I came across a kind of photography where I never experienced before - star trails photography! So what is a star trails photography? Simply Google (like what others will suggest you to do) or you may visit "How to Photograph Star Trails: The Ultimate Guide" for better understanding.

So, one of the important factors is to ensure that the sky must be clear! Especially clouds! One night while I was quite free, I stepped out to the garden just to take some fresh air (snatching oxygen with the plant). When I noticed the not-so-clear-but-half-clear sky, I quickly setup my camera to take some photos. This is a result of 20 seconds of exposure at f/8 (weird settings)...

Instead of stacking several hundreds of photos to get star trails effect, I only used ONE photo... Why? Because of the clouds! Uhhh, guess I gotta wait for the correct timing to get a complete star trails photo, or else I think my life would be incomplete! Hah kidding!

Off topic a little while, so whatever you do, always remember, "set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship". Good night!

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