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September 25, 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

Before I answer to the question WHY, please allow me to clarify the word ‘LEGOLAND’!

By calling myself a Ninja, I believe I could spy explore Legoland easier by hoping around!

(1) Lego is still my game

During the 90’s, gadgets were not as awesome as today. Because of that, kids like me during that era were fortunately exposed to all kinds of toys. Back then, Lego was one of my games to fill my childhood time! Although my childhood and teenage life were over, Lego is still in my soul, especially Bionicle! Click for more info about Bionicle!

(2) I want to go!

Who hates theme parks?! Oh my, it will be a big fat lie if I tell you that I hate theme parks, particularly this first international theme park in Malaysia - Legoland! Until now, I can only observe the gargantuan theme park via photos. Man, I would really like to get my Ninja ass out there and make myself feel like a giant in Legoland Malaysia! Can you feel the pain of looking at photos yet you can’t enjoy it? It’s just like your favourite ice-cream is directly in front of you yet you can’t have it! It’s sort of like mental torture!

And and and, since now Legoland is available in Malaysia, this means that I don’t have to fly all the way to western countries to experience it! For more info about Legoland Malaysia, kindly visit!

(3) I need a place for relaxation and celebrations

Just for your info, I will be completing my bachelor degree at the end of October! This means, I need a place for celebration and I still haven’t decided a place yet! In conjunction with this, I believe Legoland would be a great choice!

Hey guess what, December is one of my sister's birthday! Get it? A double celebration at Legoland can be done! Wait a minute, she will be finishing her SPM at that time too! Guess it will be a triple celebration for my family! Hooray!

(4) Maybank is always with me

No matter where I go, the courage TIGER of Maybank is always with me (since Maybank Yippie)! In case you don’t know what the term TIGER stands for, it’s “Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence & Efficiency and Relationship”! Going to Legoland without it (Maybank debit card) will be useless too! For more info about Maybank and their professional services, kindly visit!

(5) Challenge myself to Gangnam Style in Legoland!

Now, here's the challenge, if I had the opportunity to win, I will perform Gangnam Style in Legoland and produce a version of Legoland Malaysia Style! A video will be recorded and uploaded too!

Oh dear, I'm getting more excited with the seven themed areas of attractions in Legoland that have more than 40 rides to relish! Once again, to find out more details about Legoland Malaysia, do visit

September 21, 2012

How to grab AirAsia FREE seats

*Take note: This is not a step-by-step tutorial on how to book an air ticket from AirAsia. Rather, this is a simple guide on how to grab the AirAsia FREE seats or any other related promotions!

From time to time, AirAsia will release promotions that'll excite everyone (most of us, typically Malaysians), which are the zero fares or free seats!

Here's an example of an ad regarding the promotion:

Imagine being able to go to your dream destinations at an attractive and extraordinary low fare, who wouldn't want? Who wouldn't like to book in advance to get lower fare if he needs flying for education or other purposes (students like me, KL - Miri)?

Assuming that you wanna go somewhere for vacation, here are some guidelines that you may know or missed:

(1) Know where you are going

Before you decide on anything, I personally think that deciding the destination is a crucial factor. By knowing where you will or want to be going, you will be able to set and allocate your budget accordingly at a later stage. If the place you'd like to visit is a hotspot, you gotta act fast (before the FREE seats are gone).

Example: I would like to fly to Kota Kinabalu!

(2) Know why you are going there

This may sounded funny, but by asking why, you can know the reasons and then plan your activities ahead. By answering why, indirectly, you may answer the question of "what are you gonna do there"!

Example: Why Kota Kinabalu? Because I would like to go for extreme hiking!

If your reasons do not match with the destination you've decided, then you might consider changing your destination! Like Sipadan for diving, or Penang for local delicacies, etc.

(3) Know who are going with

Whether you are going with your friends or family, the headcount is definitely another important factor to consider. Why? Because, FREE seats are usually limited for a particular flight!

Tips: If possible, try to avoid booking for more than 5 people in the same flight, as this may cause the price to vary. You can try to book for 10 people and compare the price of booking 2 persons on the same flight.

(4) Know when you are going

By knowing whom you are going with, subsequently, you must plan when you are going (no one like clashes). This will be tricky for most of us, may it be you're working or studying. Do check your timetable and calendar. Don't put too much hope in getting low fares during peak seasons like school or public holidays.

Example: You may set your date one week before or after school or public holidays, or perhaps on weekends for a short trip.

(5) Know how long will you be going

Whether you like it or not, the longer the period you spend for your vacation, the higher is the possibility of getting FREE seats for your return ticket. If you're lucky enough, you'll get the same rate for your return ticket if you plan to visit for 1 or 2 days. Or else, try to extend another day or 2. Again, this depends on your destination and budget allocation.

(6) To get priority, sign up a BIG Card today!

Lastly, individuals with BIG Card have the priority to book FREE seats earlier compared to individuals who don’t have. If you have no idea what's a BIG Card, read my another blog post @ 'AirAsia BIG Card'. Hurry! Sign up now @ HERE!

September 13, 2012

I want a cloud free night!

While checking out some cool photos on the net, I came across a kind of photography where I never experienced before - star trails photography! So what is a star trails photography? Simply Google (like what others will suggest you to do) or you may visit "How to Photograph Star Trails: The Ultimate Guide" for better understanding.

So, one of the important factors is to ensure that the sky must be clear! Especially clouds! One night while I was quite free, I stepped out to the garden just to take some fresh air (snatching oxygen with the plant). When I noticed the not-so-clear-but-half-clear sky, I quickly setup my camera to take some photos. This is a result of 20 seconds of exposure at f/8 (weird settings)...

Instead of stacking several hundreds of photos to get star trails effect, I only used ONE photo... Why? Because of the clouds! Uhhh, guess I gotta wait for the correct timing to get a complete star trails photo, or else I think my life would be incomplete! Hah kidding!

Off topic a little while, so whatever you do, always remember, "set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship". Good night!