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July 15, 2012

1 day @ My Tho & Ben Tre, Vietnam

One of days during our 6D5N trip to Vietnam, we took a full day tour to My Tho and Ben Tre, which is located nearly at the end of Mekong River.

Map of Mekong tour.

We departed from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) about 8am and it took about 1 and the half hour to reach My Tho. From My Tho, we then took motor boats and sampan to travel to 3 small islands, which are Unicorn Island, Dragon Island and Tortoise Island @ Ben Tre Province.

My mum on most left and my cousin-nephew on most right.

Anyway, each of these islands has its own uniqueness. What I recall is that the first island we landed has a small bee farm and we were given the chance to taste their local honey tea.

Honey tea.

Then, by foot, we headed to next destination on the same island. At there, the local villages welcomed us with some songs while serving us various tropical fruits.

Villages singing some songs.

Instead of walking back out, we took the sampan, then took back the same motor boat as before to the next island, which is Dragon Island.

Sampan (that's their source of income).

At Dragon Island, we visited a coconut candy factory.

Stirring while cooking the coconut.

After dried up, the wrapping process begin.

The coconut candies served in 4 flavours, which are original, chocolate, durian and peanut. Personally, I prefer the chocolate and peanut!

Sample of peanut coconut candy.

After that, we took a speed boat to Tortoise Island and we had lunch there!

Speed boat that used to travel between Dragon and Tortoise Islands.

Elephant ear fish steamed with coconut juice.

Spring roll wrapped with elephant ear fish and some other stuffs like rice noodle.

After lunch, we had an hour break and we were allowed to travel around the island (by foot or bicycle). After break, we head our journey back to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)!

So that's all for now, do check out my other related posts yo!

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