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June 30, 2012

In Vietnam, I'm addicted to...

Uhhh, it has been quite a while that I didn't update my blog... Anyway, I just got back from a 5 nights vacation trip @ Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam...

Surprisingly, just 5 nights, it's enough for me to get addicted to these "poisonous" foods and beverages:

(1) Chicken noodle soup (Phở Gà)

Typical Vietnamese chicken noodle soup.

Hoi An style chicken noodle soup.

According to several sources, chicken noodle soup or known as "Phở Gà" is an unofficial dish in Vietnam. It sounds unofficial, yet, it can be found every where! And I got addicted until I will consume at least 2 bowls per day...

(2) Vietnamese spring rolls (Chả Giò)

Rice paper spring roll

Deep fried spring roll

Spring roll is one of my favourite of all time, in Vietnam, they have this rice paper spring roll, which serves with rice vermicelli/noodle, some leaves (basil, mint, coriander and cabbage) and meat (fish, shrimp or anything). By combining with their sweet chili sauce, the tastes is splendid!

(3) Banana cake

This banana cake, is completely different compared to the banana cake we have in Malaysia. I had 5 pieces almost every single day, during the morning buffet in the hotel I stayed. I've no idea what's inside, but the taste is simply awesome!

(4) Vietnamese iced coffee with milk

I'm not a coffee lover. After knowing that world's 2nd largest coffee producer is Vietnam, I went for a sip of Vietnamese iced coffee with milk. After having a sip, my mouth simply get addicted to it. I took more than 5 mugs of this ice coffee with milk for the last 3 days in Vietnam. No offence, it tastes way better than Starbucks! Also, it's 7 times cheaper than Starbucks too! Awww, now I'm missing it...

(5) Some ice desserts

In my opinion, it's quite similar to air batu campur (ABC) in Malaysia, just that no coconut milk given (in Malaysia, we have the choice of selecting coconut milk or sweetened milk). That's the dessert/drink I took when I get thirsty...

So, that's it! This is a short blog post about the foods and beverages that I get addicted to throughout the 5 nights in Vietnam. Do check out the places I visited during these 5 nights in Vietnam yo!

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