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April 15, 2012

Priceless paper money

"Money, money and money.
Must be funny.
In the rich man's world.

Does the lyric above sounded familiar to you? Nah don't do any guessing or Google if don't know or couldn't recall the song title, just save the energy for the next question. I will give you the answer to the question above, the song title is "Money, Money, Money" by ABBA. Anyway, I'm neither a decent financial speaker like Robert Kiyosaki, nor a great investor like Warren Buffet, yet... However, have you ever wonder, how far can YOU go with your priceless paper money?

No matter which currency you are holding, when the wind blows, your priceless paper money may follow the rhythm of the wind. This shows that we can't completely depend on our priceless paper money! I say our paper money is priceless, why? That's because it has no true value in it! It's not worthless, just priceless...

In order to prevent my precious yet priceless paper money to flyaway, I've converted some of my cash into silver coins! It may not be in a huge amount or a pot, yet, those little pieces can hold my paper money firmly! That's not the farthest I can go with my money. So how far can I go? Believe it or not, I have no specific answer for myself, yet... At least, I got some precious-shinny-valuable-metal to take care of!

So folks, ask yourself, how far can you go with your priceless paper money! ;)

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