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April 22, 2012

I'm addicted to McDonald's Chicken Muffin

Haaaaaak! Before I touch anything about McDonald's Chicken Muffin, I wish to say that I'm glad this promotion has ended! For God sake, I can't resist myself from consuming these addictive chicken muffinsss.

Look at the price! It was so miserably inexpensive that everyone would give it a damn try, including me! It was only RM2.50 per piece for the a la carte set (exclusive 6% government tax)! Oh Em Gee...

I'm lucky that I've tried the chicken muffin on a later date, which was 16th April 2012 (a week after it launched and 6 days before it ended). The reason is because I'm addicted to these chicken muffins until I'm willing to go to any McDonald's branch at every hour and every minute! It was as addictive as a "drug"! Nah just kidding, frankly speaking, within the last 6 days before the promotion ended, my mouth has totally by passed 7 of these chicken muffins!

Could you imagine how much calories I've consumed...? I shall let you do the maths... Could you imagine how I've tortured my digestive system to process these unhealthy foods...? I shall let you imagine that... Could you imagine that I couldn't imagine what I was about to imagine...? Ok cut the crap...

Conclusion: I would say this McDonald's Chicken Muffin is incredibly superlicious and delicious!!! Believe it or not, one of the days I went I ate 3 at 1 go, I think my tummy can fit in another 1 or 2 if I didn't control myself... LOL! AHHH, I couldn't imagine if McDonald's decided to put this chicken muffin permanently as one of the breakfast sets... Or including lunch sets... Or even dinner sets...

Edit: Holy moly... Imagine, imagine and imagine... The "drug" is back! This time, McDonald's Chicken Muffin comes in set! Urgh, I'm sooooo doomed!

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