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March 18, 2012

Exploring Selayang Hot Spring


Air Panas is the most famous hot spring in Kuala Lumpur, from the name itself can tell, Air means water (not the invisible gas we inhale and exhale) and Panas means hot, literally, it means hot water. However, there is another hot spring where not many people know yet, it is located at the border of Kuala Lumpur - Salayang Hot Spring!

Getting there is very easy, just follow the signage, you will definitely won't get lost, I will show you the map later, I promise. Once you get there, you may realise that notice boards are placed every corner... If you don't understand the rules, just make use of Google translate! :P


Now, allow me to be your visual tour guide... There are several small and big ponds, 3 small and 3 big to be exact... Feeling excited to see? Let me show you from the warm to the hottest, as below:

The warm one - water with most greenish colour. Go in and swim if you dare (just break the rule and I did)!

The hot one - biggest pond among all. I manage to dip my feet for 5 seconds and I gave up (again, I break the rule)...

The hottest - the cleanest of all! Don't believe me? See photo below!

Look at the water, it is crystal clear! I dipped my feet for only 1 second and it burnt (consequence of not obeying the rule)!

One of the small ponds - specially made for foot massage!

One of the small ponds - no concrete, but the "mud" is very useful! The other small pond is just a round pond (no snap), designed to allow hot water from big pond to flow to the foot massage pond I guess. Or perhaps for kids!

Sometimes, or during heavy downpour to be precise, steam from the hot spring is visible, pretty obvious. Just watch the video taken by me, as follow:

Getting there:

As promised, here is the map to Selayang hot spring and I hope it helps.

If you don't understand the map, just follow MRR2 and follow the direction towards Selayang or directly use Jalan Ipoh (in red lines). Just straight all the way (reminder: towards Selayang direction). You will see signage of the hot spring along the highway, just follow and you will definitely get there, trust me (that was how I got there)!


From my point of view, it is worth paying the entry fee and get to use the natural hot spring for unlimited time and volume of water (as long as you are happy)! So, do visit there and have fun!

*P.S: If you got any skin disease, you must go! Rumours say it could cure, although no scientific prove yet!

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