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February 08, 2012

Doraemon World 2012 @ Genting Highlands

To commemorate the upcoming 100 years of Doraemon, on the 23 January until 5 February, one of the largest event in Malaysia was held at Arena of Star in Genting Highlands, which was Doraemon World 2012!

In Doraemon World 2012, the features included were:
  • Doraemon Mall
  • Doraemon Town
  • Doraemon Gallary
  • Doraemon Carnival

Now, let the photos below do the talking! On the 4th of February, Nicholas, Alvin and I went up to Genting Highlands purposely to join the crowd. At 10am, the queue at the main entrance started to get longer and longer. For your info, each ticket costs RM35 for an adult while RM30 for a kid aged 12 & below. Lucky we were smart enough to purchase the tickets online and collect from Wisma Genting. Hey look! That's Nicholas with his peace pose!

Once we entered, we collect our Touch 'n Go card! Frankly speaking, the main reason I wanna go there is just because of this card (worth RM15)... I'm not a big fan of Doraemon by the way.

After collected our precious  Touch 'n Go card, we queued for another short duration, to start our journey to Doraemon World. Pretty systematic, in the beginning, there will be a group tour, where 30 peoples per group, enter 5 rooms for 2 minutes each. In the first room, a brief introduction of each characters were shown.

Also, a huge comic book of Doraemon was displayed.

In the 2nd room, it was Nobita's room. Doraemon and Dorami were found at there. They are very cute I would say (obviously haha)!

In the 3rd room, it was the living room of Nobita's house. It seems that Nobita and his family were having a tea break!

In the 4th room, it was the living room of Suneo (I think, because his mum was there). Shizuka, Nobita, Suneo and Gian (from left to right) were there busy chatting!

In the last room, it was the time travelling machine room! The adorable Doraemon and his time machine were displayed at there.

After these 5 rooms, in other words, after 10 minutes, the group tour ended here. Then, visitors were allowed to move freely within Doraemon Town, Doraemon Gallery, Doraemon Carnival and Doraemon Mall, with unlimited time (you can be there until they close).

In the Doraemon Town, miniature of structures and characters were displayed there!

Next, in the Doraemon Gallery, tools and equipment that were used by Doraemon and Nobita in the comic were displayed. Uh, see that two guys... Trying to be a Skan Tako...

Just follow the one and only pathway, it will lead us to the Doraemon Carnival. There were where the activities and events going on the entire day. Never forget the food stalls as well.

Lastly, upon exit, it was the Doraemon Mall, where publics were allowed to purchase Doraemon brand items, such as T-shirts, water bottles, Doraemon plush toys etc etc and also

taking picture with Doraemon items! LOL!

So that's all about Doraemon World 2012! In a nutshell, it was a pretty fun experience entering into Doraemon World! I will be looking forward for next Doraemon World!

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