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January 20, 2012

My 6th to 10th week in Kemaman!

Hah! Nothing much new food to introduce during the duration of my internship for Week 6 to Week 10, hence, this post will be more to sceneries. Apparently, there is a night market in the Chukai town, which opens on every Monday and Thursday. Lotsa local foods can be found at the night market there! Speaking of local food, one of it is the nasi kerabu.

Nasi kerabu.

Obviously, something unique about this food is that the colour of the rice, which is in blue colour! You know what, once you eat it, you will be a part of the Na'vi... Do you know what I'm talking about?

Yea, the blue skinned indigenous species from the Avatar movie. Just kidding lol! Let's talk about the taste. It is simply amazing! Tell you what, if you had the chance to visit Terengganu and Kelantan, never ever miss this blue rice and remember, nasi kerabu is the name! Because it is quite popular in the East Coast, especially in Kelantan! So that's all about food, only one...

Junk rig! O_O

I'm not to sure whether I have the right to share this photo or not. Anyhow, I took this from Kemaman Supply Base (KSB). I heard from many that it is an old rig, real old rig and perhaps it can be known as junk rig! Aww, poor little structure there, I hope I can bring it back home! LOL

At Kemasik Beach, Terengganu.

I have been to several beaches in Kemaman, but somehow, I think Kemasik Beach is one the best, or perhaps the best in my opinion. Because, quite a number of the huge rocks (I don't know what it called) can be found there, just like the one in the photo above.

Omar Khan, my "model".
Ah hak! Thanks to this great poser, Omar Khan, I manage to get this shoot, awesome? Imagine, if he is replaced by a bikini girl, ain't it gonna be epic?! Anyway, Kemasik is really a beautiful beach, I hope I can go there again at a fine and clearer weather.

Foggy environment in the morning of Kemaman Supply Base (KSB).

Talk about weather, I like the foggy environment in the morning of Kemaman Supply Base (KSB). Somehow, this condition doesn't appear that often around KSB area, could it be smelless smoke? Guess that's all for now. Stay tuned for more (perhaps last) update as I will end my internship in another 2 weeks time.

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