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January 23, 2012

Dragon nest @ Pavilion KL

Owh Em Geeee!!! Could you believe that? A dragon nest has been found in Pavilion KL!!! Rumour says that the dragon is very huge and flying furiously across the main event hall of Pavilion KL! And so, because of this, I "rush" my way back to KL from Kemaman!

Guess the rumour was right after all! The dragon is huge indeed and it seems that it got no where else to escape! RAWR!!! Anyway, get back to reality, the dragon looks freaking awesome! Is there any reason why it wouldn't be so attractive?

See that? In conjunction with Chinese New Year and the dragon year, Pavilion KL has decorated its main event hall with this huge dragon! Incredibly amazing eh?

Hold on, it's not only Pavilion KL that has the dragon nest, rumour says Melaka Jonker Walk has one as well! Stay tuned for more updates!

May everyone gets healthier & wealthier!

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