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January 26, 2012

CNY 2012 countdown @ Jonker Walk, Melaka

Boom baby! 2012 is gonna be an awesome year! Not because of "doom's day". It is simply because 2012 is a lunar and also a dragon year!!! Anyhow, here's a short blog post with some happening photos taken during CNY countdown @ Jonker Walk, Malacca. Ohya, remember previous post (Dragon nest @ Pavilion KL) that I'm talking about the rumour dragon can be found @ jonker Walk? Guess it is real after all!

Quote from New Straits Times:
The 121-metre-long 1Malaysia prosperity dragon guarding the entrance to Jonker Walk, Malacca. The RM120,000 dragon, whose twin harmony dragon is located in Jalan Kubu, was assembled to usher in the Chinese New Year

Read more @ Dragons take to the skies.
Cool huh?

My oh my! Look at it! The dragon can even shot water! Maybe in conjunction with the water dragon year? LOL

Fascinating aye the dragon? Too bad, that's the widest I can go... Man, how nice if I had a 11mm lens! Anyway, that's all about the dragon at the main entrance of Jonker Walk. Now let's walk through the street until the main stage, where countdown is held.

Compared to previous years, this year is really happening. Along the street, red clothes with dragon symbol patches on are hung, from one end to the other end!

Now, look at the balloon yellow dragon! Awww, isn't it looks cute?! Iskkk, screw that big head guy, ruined the photo...

Like every year, during the countdown event, dances and songs will be performed. Hmm, last year, I thought the government forgotten to change the "2010" on top, but it seems this year is still the same. Does it mean that the stage was built on year 2010?

Hak! MY.FM crews were singing CNY songs on the stage.

The Governor of Malacca, Tan Sri Khalil Yaakob, is doing the opening ceremony on stage, by "writing" the word "龍" in chinese calligraphy.

As usual, sharp at 12, fireworks will light up the sky! Once again, I would like to wish everyone

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

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