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December 09, 2011

My 3rd, 4th & 5th week in Kemaman!

Lately, things are getting busier and so, I cut down the time to go out for photo shooting. Furthermore, since there is lesser things to talk about (in other words, it's getting boring in Kemaman), hence, I combined the past 3 weeks of food hunting into 1 blog post.

Terengganu! Doesn't it looks cute? Ok, maybe not...

Around Bandar Chukai, it is sorta obvious to see this signage. It shows the direction to Restoran Kemaman, Restoran Malaysia, Restoran Tong Juan and Kedai Kopi Hai Peng. Well, after 5 weeks in Kamaman, I've no idea where Restoran Kamaman and Restoran Malaysia located. Let's talk about foods, foods and foods.

I've no idea what to eat, plus it was raining at the moment I sat down. So I ordered mee sup ayam @ Restoran Dinnie 1. Hmm, overall is just ok. One thing I liked about it is the amount of veges given! Uh la la, you know what, it is not easy to get veges in Kemaman!!! Next~

Uhm, previously, I tried the rojak ayam @ Restoran Selera Awie (catch my previous blog post), which is super tasty. This time, I give a try on their chicken rice! What can I say, it's a food that must be eaten in Kemaman! Next next~

Remember previously I complaint about empty nasi lemak from Hai Peng Kopitiam? If you don't know what I'm talking about, read "My 1st week in Kemaman!"... LOL, just got to know that there 2 types of nasi lemak, which are ikan bilis and fish, wait, how about the 1st time I ate? Neither ikan bilis nor fish, seriously plain...

A small pack of nasi lemak is definitely not enough for me, so I give a try on their nasi dagang - RM2. Wow, it can be cheap, but the taste is not cheap! It's luxurious! Definitely will grab another one next time. Next next next~

Lastly, yea last but not least, I simply drop by at Limbong Seafood and ordered nasi goreng paprik. Holy moly, the amount of rice and ingredients given have bloated my tummy! From zero to super hero full! Worth trying though!

So that's it... 3 weeks and I only introduce these few. Why? Because it's monsoon season, when it rains, I will either have no dinner, or else I will not bring my camera out. Nevertheless, I eat what I've introduced before.

Ohya, some of you might be wondering and ask, why didn't I talk about my internship stuffs since I were so busy about my internship? Easy, because it's private and confidential yo!

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