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November 30, 2011

My 2nd week in Kemaman!

Uhhh, there it goes, the end of my second week of internship in Kemaman, Terengganu. This week is kinda interesting, I get to touch and disassemble several equipments such as Monolock, refer below:

What its function? Search it in Halliburton's website. Anyhow, I got a new companion, it's Casio G-Shock! Ah well, it's the cheapest G-Shock available in Kemaman. The reason I got it just because of safety purpose, whereby metal watch is not allowed in the workshop. Reason? If metal watch got hooked, it will not break easily compared to leather, rubber and silicon materials. Tell you what, I hate digital watches! LOL!

Now now now, let's talk something else... What else can it be? Foods for sure! On the first day of second week in Kemaman, which is Sunday, I had mee kari @ Ramlah Mee Kari Kemaman for dinner! In english, it's curry noodle.

Trust me, the photo above doesn't lie! Its tastes super duper awesome, especially the thick and spicy curry! Definitely will go there to torture my tummy again, someday. On Monday night, I had rojak ayam @ Restoran Selera Awie.

My oh my... This is waaaaay much nicer than the one I tried previously (check out "my 1st week in Kemaman"). Best of all, I get lotsa stuffs with RM5 - potato, egg, toufu, fried chicken (quite big) and noodle. *Slurp slurp* Next, on Tuesday night, I tried nasi kukus @ Che Mah Nasi Kukus. Nasi means rice and kukus means steam, so literally, it is steamed rice.

Nom nom nom! Pretty good, but I prefer nasi kukus from Marina Beach, because the chicken there is bigger, crunchier and more spice! Oh well, I had it for my lunch, so I did not snap it, perhaps next time. On Wednesday night, my mind goes blank and don't know what to eat, so...

I ordered Rice Plate from Kentucky Fried Chicken... I guess I don't have to describe the taste... Next, on Thursday night, I simply entered Restoran & Kafe Limbong and ordered mee ladna.

Hmmm, how shall I describe this... Let's make it simple, I think it's the combination of fried noodle with thick soup? Ah lol, anyway, the taste is not that bad though! Worth trying. Next next next, on Friday night, I simply head to A&W and get Coney dog!

Nom nom nom~ Saturday, is the day which I anticipated my family to come up to Kemaman to pay me a visit! So, the first place we went is the beach at Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & Spa Resort. Here's the beach.

Anyway, on our way to Awana, we stopped by the food stalls by the road side to fill our stomach. In general, the foods at there are mainly local foods, such as lemang, satar and otak-otak. In general, lemangsatar and otak-otak will be grilled over fire.

Basically, the main ingredient of satar is fish and coconut. Pretty nice and spicy! Worth the try.

As for otak-otak, the main ingredient is fish and spice. To me, the taste is kinda common, maybe because I'm used to the taste of otak-otak from Malacca? hehehe

As for lemang, it's pretty cheap there compared to Kuala Lumpur! Based on KL price, if you add another RM2, you'll get additional 2 sticks of these lemang in Kemaman, 3 for RM10! Most importantly, the lemang here is far nicer than those in KL!

As for our dinner, we head to the most popular seafood restaurant in Kemaman, which is Restoran Tong Juan! The main dish is the famous stuffed crab!

Now, I'm not gonna talk about its tastes, go give it a damn try! Basically, the crab shell is stuffed with crab meat and all sorts of stuffs like vegetables. Seriously, give it a try, because it's only available within Terengganu and the nearby places. We also ordered mixed vegetable soup.

Hmm, what I like about it is, it's free from Ajinomoto, I think.... Anyway, this soup is common, so let's proceed with sweet-sour-I-can't-remember-what-fish.

Nyummy! Super tasty, fresh and crispy! Last but not least, my sister ordered I-can't-remember-what-flavour-lobster!

It's my first time eating lobster, it's kinda chewy though. BUT... OMG, RM130 for few pieces of its chewy meat... I don't think it's worth trying... Overall, it's was full satisfaction by having dinner @ Restoran Tong Juan!

On Sunday, we have no idea where to go, so, we went to...

Urm well, the photo won't tell you where it is, unless you been there? Anyway, it's Cherating beach @ The Legend Resort. The day was no so nice as it was very cloudy on Sunday. Before my family head back to Kuala Lumpur, we had bak kut teh for our dinner.

You must be asking me where's the photo? Uhhh crap, I've forgotten to bring my camera with me. No worry, stay tuned and I will go there again!

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