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November 19, 2011

My 1st week in Kemaman!

Well, waddaya know, time passes really fast and it's the end of my 1st week of internship in Kemaman Supply Base (KSB). Oh yeah, 11 weeks to go and I think I have not let everyone know in which company I am doing my industrial training. It's Halliburton Energy Service (M) Sdn. Bhd. *wink wink*

No matter what field we are in, safety is always first! Always... On the 1st day I stepped my feet in the office, I was given 2 Red Wing coveralls, 1 safety helmet and 1 pair of Red Wing safety boots.

For individuals who are not local, they will either be placed in home stay, staff house or else hotel. I think for first timer like me will be placed in hotel, Hotel Shafura to be exact. Find me there within these 12 weeks! Anyway, I was placed in Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) department and below is the workshop.

Things haven't get busy so far, but I think on 2nd week onwards, my hands will start to get "polluted" with lubricants... Anyway, let me introduce you Kemaman! Throughout my 1st week in Kemaman, I've conquered Bandar Chukai or Cukai! (Bandar means town whereas Cukai means tax, I prefer to name the town Chukai) Basically, Bandar Chukai is a small town of Kemaman and there's where my hotel located.

Kemaman is not only for oil & gas companies, because, fishing activities were also been carried out along Sungai Kemaman and South China Sea!

The main road of Bandar Chukai is Jalan Sulaimani. Uh, it's a real busy road and not easy to cross over... Really...

The photo above is not lying, it doesn't looks busy because traffic light is behind me! Now, let's talk about foods! Yea foods, foods and foods! On my first night in Kemaman, I simply walk in Restaurant Haniey and ordered mee goreng mamak or known as fried noodle mamak style in english!

With the exact amount of spice, less oil and large portion, the mee goreng mamak is... Uhm, I've to admit, it tastes delicious! I would recommend to those who like mee goreng mamak! On the 2nd night, I simply went to Restaurant MZF and ordered mee rojak ayam or known as chicken noodle rojak in english.

Looks mouthwatering eh? Give it a try! It tastes good! Only thing is you gotta request them to heat it up, because the rojak kuah or paste is served cold... Following night, I walked further down for dinner and I entered Teratak Simple for its nasi dagang or literally known as trading rice.

Hmm, I would rate it 6 out of 10. It's not because of the bad taste that I rated it that low, and not because of switching the fish curry for chicken, but it's because the dish is lack of shaved fried coconut!!! Really that Simple?! It spoils the name of nasi dagang... Next night, I went to a famous coffee shop in Kemaman, that is Hai Peng Kopitiam Sdn. Bhd.

I was starving that night and so I ordered the curry puff (too hungry so did not snap) and the biggest dish in there, which is Italian pasta with Asian touch! OMG! Know what I'm gonna say? IT'S SUPER TASTY! The "Asian touch" is Tuna fish. Do give it a damn try if you were in Kemaman! Then the following night, it's kinda disappointed in Restaurant Al-Baik...

First of all, I anticipated to try the Double Zinger Burger from KFC, yet, Kentucky wasted my precious 45 minutes on queueing (2 more person my turn) then it suddenly blackout... Damnit!!! With frustration, I entered Restaurant Al-Baik which is a mamak shop and I simply ordered mee goreng mamak. Expecting a fried noodle mamak from a mamak would taste delicious, but IT WAS A TOTAL DISASTER! I finish it off and went to nearby bakery for extra foods...

Hehehe, although I failed to stuff my tummy with Double Zinger Burger, but, I never give up! I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken again, with the hope that it would not blackout...

Nom nom nom~ There it goes into my tummy! I think, still fried chicken from KFC is the best, not the burgers...  On Saturday, it was my offday, I thought of going to Museum Kemaman, hence, I went to pay a visit. Pity me, suffered 15 minutes of walking under hot sun and in the end, I get nothing... Thus on the way back, I rewarded myself with kuih apam balik from the road side.

Wuuu, not bad not bad! Worth trying but noob me, on the 2nd thought, I've forgotten that it's very heaty and not a good time to eat under bright sunny weather... Urgh, on the way back, I bought a bottle of 1.5L 100 Plus to "counter-attack" it. Anyway as for dinner, I went to Hai Peng Kopitiam Sdn. Bhd. again. This time, I brought back its nasi lemak.

Speaking of dinner and nasi lemak, I've forgotten I haven't touch them! Be right back and I will tell you how it tastes... *POOF*

OK I'm back peeps! Oh no, a nasi lemak is incomplete without egg, ikan bilis (a.k.a dried anchovies) and groundnuts... I didn't even realise while taking its sexy photos... But luckily, the sambal cooled me down! It taste sweet and spicy! Ngam ngam ho! Means just nice! As for the rice, really berlemak! Still, where's the egg?! The ikan bilis?! The groundnuts?! You don't deserve the name nasi lemak... Kidding kidding~ Do give it a try as well, because it's not expensive! Hell yeah, not expensive means cheap. Cheap means incomplete! LOL!

This sums up my 1st week in Kemaman. It work out well and I kinda get use to it except for not working on Friday... C'mon, Sunday is my rest day! How could you ask me to move my ass on Sunday?!

Anyway, do catchup my other blogpost yo~ Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. salam.. boleh taw mcm mne nk aplly intern dekat halliburton kemaman ni?