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November 08, 2011

Fried cook prawn noodle + tutu fish @ Sibuti, Miri

Previously, I blogged some details about dining at Sing Chiong Restaurant, Sibuti, Miri @ HERE. Now, here's another blog post that I'm gonna introduce "something special".

*Slurp slurp* I blogged the details of "fried cook prawn noodle" aka 炒煮虾面 in the previous blog post @ HERE. Anyhow, if you're one of the lazy person to click and read the previous post @ HERE, I will repeat the same thing as before. Normally, Prawn Noodle is red in colour, especially in West Malaysia, however, in Miri, or perhaps Sarawak, the noodle is fried with dark soya sauce, then, the noodle is mixed with hot water and turned into "sup" (that should explain the colour). Furthermore, the served prawns are fresh water prawns, instead of sea prawns, and most of prawns are full with prawn eggs. Best of all, the prawns are fresh!

Finally, I had the chance to try the signature dish of Sing Chiong Restaurant, behold~ Steamed tutu fish!!! Or well known as 乌嘟嘟.

What can I say? OMG, the steamed tutu fish has the iPhone 4S! Incredibly, it's
  • smoother than silk (haha can we eat silk?),
  • sweeter than honey (hmm),
  • smell better than perfume and
  • soft don't know like what!

It tastes best and feels kick when combine the steamed tutu fish with "fried cook prawn noodle"! Nom nom nom~ Seriously! So, if you don't know where is Sing Chiong located, simply check my previous blog post @ HERE! Now don't be lazy to find out! =P

Try or cry!

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