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October 31, 2011

Done with my 3rd year!

Finally, I'm done with my 6 papers of final exam, 1 day 1 paper from one Monday to another Monday, epic isn't it? Anyway, it's over! It's also the end of my journey for 3rd year!

RAAAWWRRRR, I want more relaxation before my internship begins. Speaking of internship, I think I haven't tell the world when and where I'm gonna do my industrial training... On 10th of November, I'm gonna fly back to my home in KL from Miri...

3 days in KL, which means on 13th of November, I will be picked with a limo taxi and fly to Kuantan @ Pahang, then from Kuantan I will be picked again and head to Kemaman Supply Base (KSB) @ Terengganu! Cool eh? Sounds like a boss! So there is where I will do my internship as a... slave? I've no idea... All I know is I will be doing my industrial training in KSB for 12 weeks, with hotel accommodation provided! Weeeee~

Before I end this, I would like to say stay tuned for more updates! Anyway, the above sunset picture was taken @ Piasau Boat Club, Miri. Ain't it lovely?

Happy Halloween and Happy Holiday to me (for few days)!

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