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October 31, 2011

Done with my 3rd year!

Finally, I'm done with my 6 papers of final exam, 1 day 1 paper from one Monday to another Monday, epic isn't it? Anyway, it's over! It's also the end of my journey for 3rd year!

RAAAWWRRRR, I want more relaxation before my internship begins. Speaking of internship, I think I haven't tell the world when and where I'm gonna do my industrial training... On 10th of November, I'm gonna fly back to my home in KL from Miri...

3 days in KL, which means on 13th of November, I will be picked with a limo taxi and fly to Kuantan @ Pahang, then from Kuantan I will be picked again and head to Kemaman Supply Base (KSB) @ Terengganu! Cool eh? Sounds like a boss! So there is where I will do my internship as a... slave? I've no idea... All I know is I will be doing my industrial training in KSB for 12 weeks, with hotel accommodation provided! Weeeee~

Before I end this, I would like to say stay tuned for more updates! Anyway, the above sunset picture was taken @ Piasau Boat Club, Miri. Ain't it lovely?

Happy Halloween and Happy Holiday to me (for few days)!

October 09, 2011

Excapade Sushi @ Kuala Belait, Brunei

Miri is just next to Brunei, which is even closer compared to Bintulu... It's just merely half an hour to get to Brunei from Miri, imagine how close is that... The only part which is time consuming is the Kastam part, check-out from Miri, then check-in in Brunei and followed by registration of vehicle...

Anyway, speaking of sushi, nobody even bother about Sushi King in Miri, unless the RM2 Bonanza promotion... So, to crave for sushi in Miri, Brunei is the best choice! This is my first time stepping into Brunei territory! Weeeee~

One of the most well known and cheapest sushi restaurant is the Excapade Sushi. There are about 9 branches of Excapade Sushi all over Brunei. The one closest to Miri is located at Kuala Belait.

According to many, it's best to go during weekdays and before peak hour like lunch break, because normally, the shop will be fully packed with sushi freaks, especially on weekends! If weekend is the only option for you, do make a booking before you go, find out more info about Excapade Sushi on their facebook @ HERE.

One service I like is that, the moment we took our seat, a pot of green tea will be served immediately. But, I don't really liked its taste though... Anyway, order order and order! Let's see what we got!

1st on the table, tempura mori wase, $8 per plate. The photo doesn't lie! Uhhh, seriously delicious!

Followed by, mini salmon mayo, $3.80. I'm not that keen on raw sushi, but according to my friends, those raw salmons from Excapade are always fresh! I forgotten to take picture of some other salmon dishes, likewise, they are fresh!

This is the moment we waited, sushi party set, $50. This is what we want! In Excapade, there are about 5 types of party sets, the one we got is the "all cooked item"! Each and every piece of these sushi simply taste amazing! Here's another closer view of this party set.

*burrrrp* This party set is worth for 5 people onwards. If you want more, get the bigger boat, costs $100!

Lastly for dessert, we ordered wasabi ice-cream! Nah, just kidding, it's green tea ice-cream, or known as Matcha aisu kurimu, which is very popular in Japan! By the way, it tastes good with the combination of red bean paste.

This is just one small portion of Escapade Sushi in Kuala Belait. In my opinion, it doesn't really has the feeling of Japan. Well, I'm not that sure how it looks for the other branches. Anyhow, it's worth trying the sushi, especially the party set!!! I even brought back some for tea break.

Uh, I definitely will go again someday, in near future!

October 08, 2011

My 1st payment from ChurpChurp!

Woot woot! Believe it or not? This is my first pay cheque from ChurpChurp! This had proven that ChurpChurp is real! *tweet tweet*

Hmm, basically, I started Churp-ing since November 2010, and I got this amount... Well yea I know it's a small amount LOL! It's simply because I'm not that active... hehehe... Anyway, if you're not a Churper yet, simply click HERE for registration and start getting rewards! So what are you waiting for? Be part of ChurpChurp today!

Before I forget, THANK YOU ChurpChurp!!!!!