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September 04, 2011

Revision with Nyan Cat

Laziness Happiness strikes again when a week of holiday (Raya and Merdeka) come, but, my midterms are around the corner... Anyway, here's a short blog post and a piece of advice I would like to share... NEVER ever left your papers on your friends' hands who are addicted to Nyan Cat!!! Never!!!

Hold on a second, do you know what's Nyan Cat in the first place? I bet many of you know about it. In case you have zero idea about it, just watch the following video and be prepared to get annoyed...

Gosh... For your info, simply search on Youtube for "Nyan Cat" and you may see all sorts of version, like the jazz, the drum etc etc etc... Back to topic, this is what I get when I left my papers to......

He did the drawing and I did the colouring... Guess I'm addicted too? :P

Alright ciao, gotta prepare my upcoming midterms, back to revision~ Nyanyanya~

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