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September 08, 2011

My first Levi's 501 jeans

Uh la la~ I wanted and wish to own a pair of Levi's 501 since year 2009. Why I want? Because I don't have marrr! Each time I would like to buy, my mum will definitely stop me... "Lu banyak duit kah", she will ask. In english, "you got a lot of money ar"?

Now, I grab this opportunity to get a pair without my mum's knowledge (since she's in KL and I'm in Miri)... he he he he he... So here it goes...

A pair of zipless jeans, well known as button-fly!!! That's what makes Levi's 501 sooooo "special"! I don't think that it's convenient to pee... Anyway, by flipping out the inner part, I saw this thing, which is kinda-awesome-yet-nobody-can-see-it... Lame...

It looks like a paper money to me LOL! Next to the pocket, there are 2 tags, just see the image below.

Obviously, 1st tag is the Levi's logo. 2nd tag is indicating the place of birth of this particular pair of Levi's 501... Haiyo, Made in Philippines pulak... Nevermind, they are all the same!!!

In conjunction with Hari Raya, Levi's Malaysia had a promotion. Simply spend RM400 and get RM80 voucher. This voucher only useable with the next minimum purchase of RM200. On the August 29th, I saw this promotion was still on. So, I went in to make a survey (choosing pattern). But I don't know why that I don't want to buy on that day until August 31st... On August 31st, I grabbed this pair of 501 and a Polo tee, just to make it exceed RM400... Guest what... The voucher had finished on August 31st!!! Wadda...

Isk isk isk... Kinda frustrated, just 2 days different man! Nevermind... At least, Imma official member of Levi's! How to apply? Simply spend RM400 and you can join the membership for free. But, got what use? Pretty useless to me, as if I will shop in Levi's every day -.-

Guess one of my small wishes had come true? Gentleman, if you haven't got a 501, get it now! RM3xx for a Levi's 501 is way much cheaper than getting your girl a Louis Vuitton handbag yo~ Ladies, if you haven't got a 501, get it too, LV ain't cool at all! 501 is super comfy and super cool too~ Wanna see I'm with 501? Ah I'm shy. *wink wink*

Wonder when will be my next purchase, before I graduate next year? Or perhaps after started working 2 year later? Uh, no more money to plan for now.

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