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September 15, 2011

Curtin Open Day 2011 (Sarawak Campus)

Woohoo~ Here it is! Curtin University Sarawak Campus greatest event of all time - Curtin Open Day! Skip the introduction, let me bring you around the entire event by showing you some photos :)

As usual, before everything begin, the opening ceremony will be held by the Y.B and V.I.P.

Around the stage is all the food stalls, mainly operated by the clubs and societies of Curtin. Variety of foods were sold during Curtin Open Day, you name it, you got it! Ok maybe not everything, don't expect to see Ratatouille being sold...

Also, outsiders like Maybank, Eastwood, Public Mutual etc also opened a booth during Curtin Open Day to promote their respective products! You may even donate your lovely blood! Next, each department and each course will open booth to show respective speciality. More photos? Later~

Next next, the other end is the Kiddies Corner! Where all the kids gathered to have fun! All kinds of activities were held just for the kids, like spelling contest, clowns, sand art and so on.

Then, there was a bike exhibition from Miri Bikers Club (you may search them on Facebook)... A fail exhibition I would say! Because the number of awesome and cool bikes were not many! I would prefer to see Kite Festival like last year, Curtin Open Day 2010.

Overall, it was not as happening as last year's Open Day... It can be clearly seen with the number of people attended, ok, maybe you couldn't imagine without photos.

The time where most people gathered at the stage is during lucky draw (uh, 2 iPad2 to be won) and during the ongoing of "Miri's Got Talent".

Congrats to Nalvin Sim and Maurice Chin for the epic performance yo!

Watch their epic performance below:

Hey peeps, I would like to show you something else. Florence Chang is the 2nd runner-up of "Miri's Got Talent". In the final, she performed "One Night In Beijing". Anyhow, "My Heart Will Go On" is the song that she sang in the semi-final. During the final, she was requested to sing a short part of "My Heart Will Go On". Hence, you may call her "Celine Dion Miri"!

Compared to Curtin Open Day 2010, I prefer 2010. It was like 3xxx attendants last year, yet, this year I think 1500 attendants??? Wonder why this year ain't that grand compared to last year, hmm......

Last but not least, to see more photos of Curtin Open Day 2011, click HERE to view the entire album! And do catch out Curtin Open Day 2010 yo!

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