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August 26, 2011

Got my mini photography studio

Uh la la... All of a sudden, I wish to own a home photography studio. Yet, I can't afford as I'm still a student with no income and I don't want to burden my dad. So as for the starting point, I setup a mini photography studio by getting a 80cm x 80cm x 80cm light tent.

So, let's see my first attempt. Subjects are Transformers action figures.



Sound Wave.

The Fallen.

Cool eh? But guess what, it's not easy to get the results above, because I didn't use any lighting equipments... LOL! What I did was I capture the images above with my speedlight, Nikon SB-900, and I increased the brightness with Picasa. *wink wink* It's kinda fun to own a light tent!!!

Perhaps some of you are interested to see how did I setup my mini photography studio, but well, it's just simply a light tent, hence, I'm not gonna show... hehehe