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August 08, 2011

5 reasons remain with Blogger

Lately, I've came across that few of the bloggers that I know have migrated their lovely blog from Blogger to WordPress. One common reason they migrated to WordPress is because WordPress can do more customization. Due to my curiosity, I also signed up one WordPress account to give it a try -

After trying WordPress for 3 hours, I've made up my mind to remain my blog with Blogger and here are my point of view.

(1) Price of domain

Some users, like me, or many users, prefer to own a domain. Why would I get a domain? Read here to find out the 5 reasons. To make things easier, I remained Blogger as my host, also, it's cheaper and easier. So, to get a domain in Blogger, you just have to pay $10 per annum. However, in WordPress, it costs $17 per annum! Don't look down on the $7 differences, imagine 10 years of blogging, that would be $70!

(2) Flexibility in customizing widgets

Hmm, after comparing the widgets between Blogger and WordPress, I would say they are more or less the same!!! Well, it can be true that WordPress used to have more awesome widgets, but hey, Blogger keep updating from day to day yo!

Also, since Blogger is more popular than WordPress (which I think it is, or perhaps it's the fact), thus, most of the 3rd party widgets with HTML codes can be supported by Blogger! Until today, 1 of the top chat box for website,, is not supported by WordPress (unless you know how to modify the codes).

(3) Editing template and blog post in HTML

Ho ho ho... Editing template and blog post in HTML is the main reason I remain with Blogger. It's more flexible with Blogger that I can modify the template in no time. With WordPress, you gotta pay $30 if you wanna do more customization... Worst of all, if you would like to build a template from scratch, you gotta do it in (not and you have to host your template by yourself, ain't it troublesome?

(4) All-in-one account

Needless to say, many of you knew that Blogger is operated by Google, same goes to Adsense, Picasa, Gmail, Youtube and the recent Google+.

Don't you think it's easier, all under 1 roof?

(5) Get used to Blogger

It has been more than 4 years since I started to blog with Blogger, in other words, I'm already get used to! Uh, I'm lovin' it~

In WordPress, money is the power of customization... So, in a nutshell, I will still remain my blog with Blogger rather than migrate it to WordPress. Hassle free!

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