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August 26, 2011

Got my mini photography studio

Uh la la... All of a sudden, I wish to own a home photography studio. Yet, I can't afford as I'm still a student with no income and I don't want to burden my dad. So as for the starting point, I setup a mini photography studio by getting a 80cm x 80cm x 80cm light tent.

So, let's see my first attempt. Subjects are Transformers action figures.



Sound Wave.

The Fallen.

Cool eh? But guess what, it's not easy to get the results above, because I didn't use any lighting equipments... LOL! What I did was I capture the images above with my speedlight, Nikon SB-900, and I increased the brightness with Picasa. *wink wink* It's kinda fun to own a light tent!!!

Perhaps some of you are interested to see how did I setup my mini photography studio, but well, it's just simply a light tent, hence, I'm not gonna show... hehehe

August 11, 2011

Personal analysis of Public Mutual on August 2011

It's the fact that stock market will crash every 10 years and it can be clearly seen on year 1987-1989 (failed leveraged buyout of United Airlines causes crash), 1997-1998 (Asian & Russian financial crisis), 2008 (financial crisis). Lately in early August 2011, a sudden fall of stock market happened across United States, Middle East, Europe as well as Asia. Basically, it's due to Standard & Poor's downgraded US credit rating to AA-Plus from AAA.

Regardless of stock market or unit trust, when there's a big impact of depreciation, a common question will arise, which is, should we hold, sell or buy more units? Well, since I only interested with unit trust rather than the stock market, I will only state out my point of view based on unit trust, specifically, Public Mutual.

Before begin the analysis, firstly, I would like to say the following points are just based on my point of view, some of you may be offended, but like I said, these are just my opinion. Now, let's take the oldest mutual fund in Malaysia as an example, Public Savings Fund (PSF).

Let's put aside the factors that caused the market crash. Observe the screenshot above carefully, green dots, red dots as well as the dates below it. Every time a minor/major financial crisis was experienced by the market (refer to the 3 green dots) to matter how bad it was, the market will definitely recover (refer to the 3 purple arrows). After a certain stage of recovery (approximate 2-3 years later), the market will be at the highest peak which it can reach (refer to the 3 red dots), after that another crisis may occur again repeating the same cycle!

Again, before I proceed further, I would like to repeat. The analysis above is just based on my point of view, if you're offended, I'm sorry. Alright, now we're done with the oldest fund in Malaysia, let's observe the similar pattern above on the 2nd and 3rd oldest funds in Malaysia, which are Public Growth Fund (PGF) and Public Index Fund (PIX).

Can you the similarity? The highest peaks after minor/major crisis (the red dots) are my main point here. Anyhow, to answer the previous question, should we hold, sell or buy more, it depends on yourself and your situation. Consult your agent or upline for a clearer answer.

August 08, 2011

5 reasons remain with Blogger

Lately, I've came across that few of the bloggers that I know have migrated their lovely blog from Blogger to WordPress. One common reason they migrated to WordPress is because WordPress can do more customization. Due to my curiosity, I also signed up one WordPress account to give it a try -

After trying WordPress for 3 hours, I've made up my mind to remain my blog with Blogger and here are my point of view.

(1) Price of domain

Some users, like me, or many users, prefer to own a domain. Why would I get a domain? Read here to find out the 5 reasons. To make things easier, I remained Blogger as my host, also, it's cheaper and easier. So, to get a domain in Blogger, you just have to pay $10 per annum. However, in WordPress, it costs $17 per annum! Don't look down on the $7 differences, imagine 10 years of blogging, that would be $70!

(2) Flexibility in customizing widgets

Hmm, after comparing the widgets between Blogger and WordPress, I would say they are more or less the same!!! Well, it can be true that WordPress used to have more awesome widgets, but hey, Blogger keep updating from day to day yo!

Also, since Blogger is more popular than WordPress (which I think it is, or perhaps it's the fact), thus, most of the 3rd party widgets with HTML codes can be supported by Blogger! Until today, 1 of the top chat box for website,, is not supported by WordPress (unless you know how to modify the codes).

(3) Editing template and blog post in HTML

Ho ho ho... Editing template and blog post in HTML is the main reason I remain with Blogger. It's more flexible with Blogger that I can modify the template in no time. With WordPress, you gotta pay $30 if you wanna do more customization... Worst of all, if you would like to build a template from scratch, you gotta do it in (not and you have to host your template by yourself, ain't it troublesome?

(4) All-in-one account

Needless to say, many of you knew that Blogger is operated by Google, same goes to Adsense, Picasa, Gmail, Youtube and the recent Google+.

Don't you think it's easier, all under 1 roof?

(5) Get used to Blogger

It has been more than 4 years since I started to blog with Blogger, in other words, I'm already get used to! Uh, I'm lovin' it~

In WordPress, money is the power of customization... So, in a nutshell, I will still remain my blog with Blogger rather than migrate it to WordPress. Hassle free!

August 02, 2011

35th Bon Odori 2011 with delicacies and dances

What's Bon Odori (η›†θΈŠγ‚Š), some of you may ask. To make it simple, Bon dance is one the most famous traditional dance in Japan (more than 500 years). Every year in Malaysia, this festival will be held at Matsushita Corp Stadium in Shah Alam, Selangor, purpose is to expose locals to Japanese culture, experience the variety of delicacies, arts and also dances. In year 2011, even though several earthquakes have struck Japan, it wouldn't stop Bon Odori for not happening. Subsequently, the theme for year 2011 was "Arigatou Malaysia"!

In order to get a parking, my sisters, Nicholas, Alvin and I reached the stadium as early as 4pm. The moment we reached, there were slight drizzling above our head, fortunately, it stopped an hour later. Regardless of the free juice from the sky, the mode to hunt for foods and drinks were automatically turned on!

This carbonated can't be found else where in Malaysia, only available at Jusco booth during Bon Odori (I think).

Dango! Always saw it in animes (especially Clannad). Nom nom nom~

Kinda normal and common, but not bad.

It's a must to eat for those who always or never consume Udon.

Hmm, nothing special compared to our mee goreng, just that it has red topping - ginger.

Rain gone, the surrounding temperature and the crowd started to increase. So ice ice baby~

Alright, I'm done with the foods and drinks. What can I say, it was a true satisfaction!!! Now, I would like to share a short clip that shows the performances and dances on 35th Bon Odori.

So I think that's it. In my opinion, Bon Odori is an event that most of us shouldn't miss (unless you hate crowds), seriously!

See how the crowds were enjoying themselves.

If I had the chance, I would love to attend another Bon Odori! Ahya, sure got chance one! Hoping that I will be free during July 2012 and wishing that I will be back to Kuala Lumpur during that period~ And oh, I do believe that 2012 is not the end of the world!