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July 19, 2011

Day Four in Hong Kong

Here I am! Hong Kong! This is my first time landing my feet on Hong Kong. It's a vacation trip to Hong Kong and Macau with my mum and my aunt for a week. It started with - we reached Hong Kong on 29 June at late night and the real-fun journey began on the 30th June morning. Just a little info, our hotel was Standford Hillview Hotel located at Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Day Four: Stanley & Causeway Bay @ Hong Kong Island

In Day 4, we went to Stanley Market @ Stanley, Southern of Hong Kong Island by city bus from Central. Just like before, to get to the Central, we took Star ferry from Kowloon. To get to Stanley Market is very easy, because, many buses will stop at there.

Buses that reach Stanley.

A part of Stanley Market.

Some items like colourful scarfs and fancy neckties are cheap and they are only available at Stanley Market! You wouldn't find those items at any other market or street. Seriously! One thing I like about Stanley Market is that, even though the shops at there are small, but most of the shops are equipped with air-conditioner. Hence, we will not be roasted that badly under hot sun!

Basically, if you walk along the market, behind of Stanley Market is the Stanley Waterfront Mart. At there, you may seat back and relax by enjoying some meals or drinks under bright sunny day. There was where we got our lunch of the day.

Stanley Waterfront Mart.

Woohoo~ Do walk around Stanley, there are few attractive places like Stanley Beaches and Tin Hou Temple too.

Ain't it lovely?

Approaching evening, we left Stanley by taking city bus and stopped by Jardine's Crescent @ Causeway Bay. In my point of view, Temple Street or well known as Night Market @ Jordan and Ladies' Market on Tung Choi Street are way much better than Jardine's Crescent. Trust me, Jardine's Crescent is a street that you may get nothing! It's too small and too narrow which gave me difficulties capturing photos... Uh...

Anyway, after having dinner at Causeway Bay, then, we took the double-deck tramcar to Central. It's a good option for those who never experience a tramcar before, like me. Also, the cost of hopping on a tramcar to Central is way much cheaper than the city bus.

Tramcars and its rail.

Since I went and enjoyed the "A Symphony of Light" alone in Day 3, thus, before going back to our hotel, I dragged my mum and aunt to see it in Day 4.

*P.S: I will upload more photos of "A Symphony of Lights" later, plus some videos perhaps.

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