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July 23, 2011

Day Five in Hong Kong: To Macau

Here I am! Hong Kong! This is my first time landing my feet on Hong Kong. It's a vacation trip to Hong Kong and Macau with my mum and my aunt for a week. It started with - we reached Hong Kong on 29 June at late night and the real-fun journey began on the 30th June morning. Just a little info, our hotel was Standford Hillview Hotel located at Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Day Five: To Macau

In Day 5, instead of exploring Hong Kong, we went to Macau! Oh yeah! So, we took "New World First Ferry Services (Macau) Limited" from China Ferry Terminal @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

New World First Ferry to Macau.

*P.S: Here are some guides for travellers:
- Never go to Macau by ferry on weekends, it costs more.
- If you go on weekdays, do come back to Hong Kong before 6pm, it will costs more later than 6pm.
- Do buy the return tickets to Hong Kong as soon as you reached Macau, you wouldn't know what will happen if you buy later.
- More info, do visit the website of New World First Ferry @ HERE.

As for our schedule, we took the 10am ferry from Hong Kong and the "wonderful" journey to Macau is 1 hour, exactly (with fine weather). Upon reaching the jetty in Macau, travel agencies are every where to get business from tourists. In my opinion, if you got the extra budget, yes, go for it, get someone with a rental van to guide you in Macau. That's what we did, because my aunt unwilling to take the public buses to travel around Macau.

Our 1st destination was "Macau Fisherman's Wharf". When we were there, the theme park was not open to public yet, so, we only see, snap and touch whatever viewable from outside.

Tang Dynasty Fortress.

My mum with the Roman Amphitheatre.

More info on "Macau Fisherman's Wharf", kindly visit HERE.

Then, we took our lunch near by and our next destination was "The Statue of Guan Yin".

The Statue of Guan Yin.

Basically, there's nothing much inside there. Without wasting our time, we proceed to the Macau Tower.

Macau Tower.

If you got the spare time, do tryout the the world's highest bungee, 233 metres! Next, we went to "Hill of Penha Catholic Church".

Hill of Penha Catholic Church.

Since it's located on the top of Penha Hill, thus, it's a good spot to snap with Macau Tower.

My mum with Macau Tower.

Then, we went to Ah-Ma Temple. For your info, Ah-Ma Temple existed before the name of Macau was given!

My mum in Ah-Ma Temple.

Next next, muahahaha! A place that must visit for everyone to Macau, because, if you didn't go there, you can't prove to anyone that you've been to Macau!

Me with Ruins of St. Paul's.

Ta-da! To prove that I've been to Macau, I got myself a photo with Ruins of St. Paul's! It's original yo!

Ruins of St. Paul's.

Seems every one and every where is telling me the same thing, so, I'm here to share the same thing. Do tryout the Portuguese egg tarts there! But frankly speaking, I prefer egg tarts from my country, Malaysia, because it's juicier!

So I think that's it. We left from Macau at 5:30pm and similarly, 1 hour journey. Overall, it's kinda rushing to visit these few places in Macau, yet, it was fun to travel around! I feel as if I'm in Portugal! Adeus!

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