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June 24, 2011

Pizza Hut Viva Pizza (22-24 June 2011)

First things first, a million thanks to Pizza Hut Malaysia for making me fatter my day better by giving out this promotion for Facebook fans. It's a HOT coupon that can redeem 3 Regular Viva Pizzas + 2 Garlic Bread for ONLY RM35 (RM33 is excluding tax) and this promotion only last for 3 days!

OMG that cheap?! 3 Regular Viva Pizzas ler! Ain't small! Even though it's only valid for take away and delivery, it doesn't mean that it will stop my aunt Shirley (a pizza lover for your info) for getting them...

I'm expecting to see long queue outside of Pizza Hut in Bintang Plaza, Miri, yet, about 11:15am, I see nobody! I guess not many people know about this promotion on Facebook aye? GOOD! I can save my time though!

So there it goes, I've picked 3 different toppings: Chicken Viva (on top), Veggie Viva (on left) and Seafood Viva (on right). For closer view of the 3 Regular Viva Pizzas above, just simply scroll down.

Gosh, 2 not-so-big-eater got to settle 3 regular pizzas... That's a torture for our tummy! *Buurrrrp*

Anyway, there are 4 types of toppings, which are chicken, veggie, seafood and beef. I did not try the beef, but among the 3 that I've tasted, I love Seafood Viva the most! Because it has more taste compared to others, I guess.

Well folks, be a fan of Pizza Hut Malaysia on Facebook for more updates @ HERE! Don't miss out yo~

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