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June 22, 2011

Friendship Park, Taman Sahabat in Kuching

Woot woot~ There it goes, I've set my feet on Friendship Park or known as Taman Sahabat in Bahasa Malaysia that located in Kuching. So what is Friendship Park all about? Just read the following words that I got it from there:

The establishment of a Malaysia China Friendship Park in Kuching by the Council of the City of Kuching South and the Kunming Municipal People's Government, Yunnan Province, China, symbolizes the flourishing friendship of the people of these two Cities and the exchange of their political, economic and cultural ties.

The Kunming Municipal People's Government constructed an ancient like Chinese Garden, a Zheng He statue and a hexagonal pavilion called "Huai Feng Pavilion" to commemorate the former glory of Admiral Zheng He.

With the historical and lasting friendship between Malaysia and China we look forward to a bright future for the people of Kuching and Kunming.


The moment I reached this Friendship Park, my first expression was: "WOW! So nice!", and I can even feel that like I'm in China! This park may not be that big, but now, let me bring you around this magnificent park by letting the photos below do the talking. Starting from the main entrance.

This place is romantic enough until you can catch sunset too!

Ok nevermind, it looks like gonna rain... And yes, it did when I was there busy taking photos! Anyway, here's the Zheng He statue!

The bottom part of the Zheng He statue states:

Tanda peringatan ulang tahun ke-30 hubungan diplomatik dan persahabatan Malaysia-China tahun (2004)

纪念马中建交(三十周年)关系及马中友谊年 (2004)

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Malaysia-China's diplomatic relations and the Malaysia-China Friendship year (2004)
Needless to say, since this is a park, thus, many of the residents nearby will come here for jogging and aerobic. So, if you're going to or you're in Kuching, do pay a visit to get some fresh air! Ohya, you may feed the fishes at there too ;)

Here's a simple map from Google in case you need it.

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