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June 15, 2011


Lately, I've not updated by blog that frequent, it's NOT because I'm being lazy or what, (or maybe I am, just a little... hehe), but I'm been busying with my unstoppable university workloads! Continuously, I've been busy preparing my final exams.

Now that I've gain back my freedom to do whatever non-sense I want, there's something that I would like to Say Out Loud: -

I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!

There it goes, another semester went by like nobody business... It's the end of my journey of year 3 semester 1 and I will be having my semester break for a month (as usual) before year 3 semester 2 begins. Uh, holidaysss...?

Now that I'm done with my assessments and final exams, there is something else I would like to Say Out Loud: -

I AM BORED!!!!!!!!!

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