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June 24, 2011

Pizza Hut Viva Pizza (22-24 June 2011)

First things first, a million thanks to Pizza Hut Malaysia for making me fatter my day better by giving out this promotion for Facebook fans. It's a HOT coupon that can redeem 3 Regular Viva Pizzas + 2 Garlic Bread for ONLY RM35 (RM33 is excluding tax) and this promotion only last for 3 days!

OMG that cheap?! 3 Regular Viva Pizzas ler! Ain't small! Even though it's only valid for take away and delivery, it doesn't mean that it will stop my aunt Shirley (a pizza lover for your info) for getting them...

I'm expecting to see long queue outside of Pizza Hut in Bintang Plaza, Miri, yet, about 11:15am, I see nobody! I guess not many people know about this promotion on Facebook aye? GOOD! I can save my time though!

So there it goes, I've picked 3 different toppings: Chicken Viva (on top), Veggie Viva (on left) and Seafood Viva (on right). For closer view of the 3 Regular Viva Pizzas above, just simply scroll down.

Gosh, 2 not-so-big-eater got to settle 3 regular pizzas... That's a torture for our tummy! *Buurrrrp*

Anyway, there are 4 types of toppings, which are chicken, veggie, seafood and beef. I did not try the beef, but among the 3 that I've tasted, I love Seafood Viva the most! Because it has more taste compared to others, I guess.

Well folks, be a fan of Pizza Hut Malaysia on Facebook for more updates @ HERE! Don't miss out yo~

June 22, 2011

Friendship Park, Taman Sahabat in Kuching

Woot woot~ There it goes, I've set my feet on Friendship Park or known as Taman Sahabat in Bahasa Malaysia that located in Kuching. So what is Friendship Park all about? Just read the following words that I got it from there:

The establishment of a Malaysia China Friendship Park in Kuching by the Council of the City of Kuching South and the Kunming Municipal People's Government, Yunnan Province, China, symbolizes the flourishing friendship of the people of these two Cities and the exchange of their political, economic and cultural ties.

The Kunming Municipal People's Government constructed an ancient like Chinese Garden, a Zheng He statue and a hexagonal pavilion called "Huai Feng Pavilion" to commemorate the former glory of Admiral Zheng He.

With the historical and lasting friendship between Malaysia and China we look forward to a bright future for the people of Kuching and Kunming.


The moment I reached this Friendship Park, my first expression was: "WOW! So nice!", and I can even feel that like I'm in China! This park may not be that big, but now, let me bring you around this magnificent park by letting the photos below do the talking. Starting from the main entrance.

This place is romantic enough until you can catch sunset too!

Ok nevermind, it looks like gonna rain... And yes, it did when I was there busy taking photos! Anyway, here's the Zheng He statue!

The bottom part of the Zheng He statue states:

Tanda peringatan ulang tahun ke-30 hubungan diplomatik dan persahabatan Malaysia-China tahun (2004)

纪念马中建交(三十周年)关系及马中友谊年 (2004)

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Malaysia-China's diplomatic relations and the Malaysia-China Friendship year (2004)
Needless to say, since this is a park, thus, many of the residents nearby will come here for jogging and aerobic. So, if you're going to or you're in Kuching, do pay a visit to get some fresh air! Ohya, you may feed the fishes at there too ;)

Here's a simple map from Google in case you need it.

June 21, 2011

Hunting local foods in Kuching!

In this blog post, I'm gonna list out the foods I've tried during my stay with Samuel Ng who is a Kuching lang. In this entire one week, Samuel has brought me to the places where he normally eats! Indirectly, I'm eating the foods where the locals knew the best! Muahahaha~

Alright, skip with my non-sense, I will brief through 1 by 1 and the list of locations will start from HERE!

(1) Open Air Market

Lotsa foods can be found at Open Air Market, such as porridge, mee kolo (duh, it's every where), chicken rice and so on. However, the most recommended food is the Ah Mui beef noodle! I'm not a beef lover, but what can I say, it taste good!

(2) Hui Sing Hawker Centre

Hui Sing Hawker Centre is one of my favourite spot, because I love the food there! However, I will only show you 2 recommended stalls, which are Stall #4 - Yong Kee and Stall #15 - Palm Road.

What I like about Stall #4 is the fried kueh tiaw with tomato sos! You may also try other noodles from #4 as well, like crispy noodle or so.

As for Stall #15, I like its fried noodle which is full with sweet bean sauce! *slurp*

(3) Sin Lian Shin @ Green Road

At Sin Lian Shin, they are famous for their mee kolo. Frankly speaking, their mee kolo ain't like ordinary mee kolo, as their mee itself is chewy! I love it!

(4) Sunny Hill

At Sunny Hill, instead of getting rice or noodle, we will get home made ice-cream for dessert! Monday and Tuesday, you'll get strawberry flavour. Tuesday until Friday, you'll get pandan or corn flavour where as on Weekends, you'll get chocolate! Hmm, I only tried the strawberry flavour, it's silky creamy smooth! Nyummy~

(5) Song Kheng Hai Ground Food & Recreation Centre

Woot woot, I'm glad to see this place as we shared the same surname, no? Sang and Song are different? Crap, it's still 宋! LOL! Anyway, at Song Kheng Hai, do tryout the gong pia @ Stall #7 - Rihga. They serve 3 types of flavours, which are cheese, char siu and luncheon meat. All taste good but the recommended one will be the char siu!

(6) Yang Chun Tai @ Carpenter Street

Woohoo~ China Town! Head to Yang Chun Tai @ Carpenter Street or known as 亚答街, look for fish ball soup and the pork satay! Amazingly delicious!

(7) Siang Siang Corner

Alright, this can be tricky, because, there are a lot of Siang Siang Corners! Wherever it is, just hunt for a stall that fries yam cha kueh. Well, I used to call it fried carrot cake. It simply taste good! Hey look, no bean sprout yo!

(8) Goody Foody Cafe @ Stutong

As long as tasty, no matter how far it is, people will definitely travel and hunt for the tastiest laksa in Kuching @ Goody Foody Cafe, Stutong. To get here is easy, the land mark is Kuching Specialist Hospital! Uhhh... I hope it locates in front of my house, because it is superlicious!!!

(9) Jalan Arang

Besides the fried noodle with sweet soya sauce @ Stall #15, Hui Sing Hawker Centre, there is another place which I think is not bad! However, it's located inside a housing area in Jalan Arang, which I think not an easy place to find, no? Anyway, be there before 10pm, or else they will run out of noodles!

Soooooo, I think that's it. Actually there are lots more, but I only share whichever I think is worth to share! Do try them out if you had the chance. Well, these are just personal opinions, you may not like what I like, yet, no harm trying yo :)

June 16, 2011

The begin of cyber war era in Malaysia?

On 30 May 2011, due to law and piracy, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) gave an order to all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block 10 filesharing websites in Malaysia, that are:

You may read the full report @ No more free downloads as MCMC blocks 10 file sharing sites.

Uhhh... Since 14 June 2011 (if not wrong), these 10 websites are inaccessible... This is soooooooo unacceptable for 99.9% of Malaysians, which I think including YOU! Am I right? It's like a NIGHTMARE for everyone!

Ah well whatever it is, I wanna show everyone the consequences after government of Malaysia has made such violent move.

First, let's start with my all time favourite - the Hitler! LOL!

Done with your long laughing? Take a deep breathe and let's proceed... Now, things get serious until I got stunned by 'V for Vendetta'! Have a look! Given code name is 'Operasi Malaysia', or known as 'Operation Malaysia' in english.

Somehow, it reminds me of Death Note - conversation between L and Kira. Know what am I talking about? Watched Death Note? No? Go download and watch then! Opps, I mean, go to the local CD store nearby, buy and watch (either movie or anime, up to you)!

Anyway, due to frustration, at least 41 government websites were hacked by few groups of hackers - I only know Anonymous (as seen as the video above) and Dragon Force (click on the link and see how does it looks like). What can I say? OMG! These people are very daring! You may read the full report @ 51 government websites attacked.

What's more? Some government websites were offline (shut down or pull plug in order words), to prevent from being hacked. You may read the full report @ Some Malaysian websites are offline.

Oh gosh... Is this the begin of cyber war era in Malaysia? Will soon the government of Malaysia block Google, Youtube and Facebook like China does? Guess what, you may block anything, but

and my blog of course...

June 15, 2011


Lately, I've not updated by blog that frequent, it's NOT because I'm being lazy or what, (or maybe I am, just a little... hehe), but I'm been busying with my unstoppable university workloads! Continuously, I've been busy preparing my final exams.

Now that I've gain back my freedom to do whatever non-sense I want, there's something that I would like to Say Out Loud: -

I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!

There it goes, another semester went by like nobody business... It's the end of my journey of year 3 semester 1 and I will be having my semester break for a month (as usual) before year 3 semester 2 begins. Uh, holidaysss...?

Now that I'm done with my assessments and final exams, there is something else I would like to Say Out Loud: -

I AM BORED!!!!!!!!!