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May 09, 2011

Site visit to IKBN Miri, Sarawak

On 15th April 2011, I've attended a site visit to Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara (IKBN) Miri and it was organised by my lecturer. Jeez, an extra site visit that is not included in our unit outline... Anyway, it will be beneficial for us, since it's related with our Mechanical studies.

Now now now, I will type out partially of my report here and I shall let the photos below do the talking.

Image 1: Main entrance of IKBN Miri.

Safety is very essential for everyone, thus, safety and warning signs can be found every corner in IKBN laboratories and work shops. Yea, I mean every corner!

Image 2: Safety signs.

Now, this gonna be interesting. I will briefly describe each section of the work shops here. Let's begin with conventional centre lathe section. It was found that centre lathe machine is the most common machine in this work shop. It has more than 10 units and each of the machine cost RM 145,618.00. Cool eh?

Image 3: Centre lathe machine.

In the same work shop, next to centre lathe section is the conventional milling section. Here, various types of milling machines can be found, such as the universal milling machine that cost RM 323, 136.00.

Image 4: Conventional milling section.

In the same section as the conventional milling section, few grinding and drilling machines can be found. The reason it is placed in the same section is to allow students of IKBN to do cleaning on the work piece's surface as well as making holes on the work piece before or after performing milling operations.

Image 5: Grinding and drilling section.

Speaking of safety, it was found that there are paper notes placed on the unworkable machines, such as "under maintenance". This could tell everyone that the particular machine is unworkable.

A part from that, more grinding machines can be found in the next work shop, such as the centerless grinding machines and hydraulic surface grinding machines. Surprisingly, the cost of each centerless grinding machine is RM551, 680.00 whereas the cost of each hydraulic surface grinding machine is RM 312, 472.00.

Image 6: Grinding machines.

Also, few sawing machines can be found along these grinding machines, such as power band saw.

Image 7: Saw machines.

Next, the following section is the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) section. Here, several types of CNC machines can be found, such as the CNC die sinking machine, CNC wire cut machine, CNC turning machine and few ordinary CNC milling machines.

Image 8: Various types of CNC machines.

Among all of the CNC machines, there is one CNC machine that is extraordinary, which is the universal CNC milling machine. Amazingly, the cost of this machine is a bomb! Worth RM 1, 365, 546.00.

Image 9: Universal CNC milling machine.

Hmm, I think that's it. Actually, there are more stuffs that can be discussed here. But, I only share what I think is worth to share. Among all of the machines, I love the Universal CNC milling machine (refer to Image 9), because, it's so gigantic and it worth a bounty! Let's rob it!

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