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May 06, 2011

Ordering chinese tea in Kuching

Each time I have oily meals outside, I will often order chinese tea to encounter it, especially during lunch time and dinner. However, during my stay in Kuching for 8 days, I've discovered there is one unusual thing in common.

Notice any differences compared to the ordinary chinese tea around you (except Kuching of course)? No? See further more...

Now can you see the differences? Uh, I bet you do. In Kuching, each time I order chinese tea, they will eventually serve me chinese tea in the form of tea bags. Woot woot~

More photos for you to see below.

Every shop, every hawker centre and every restaurant that I went during my 8 days in Kuching, all of the chinese teas were from the tea bags. No wonder nobody orders chinese tea in Kuching! (I do peek around LOL)

Well, I personally prefer the loose tea leaves. You may simply Google out and compare the differences between loose tea and tea bags. The fact is, loose tea is better than tea bags. Just read the following points that I've summarised, as below.

(1) The size of the tea leaves:
The smaller the size of the tea leaves, the lower the quality of the tea. Because, the content (chemical and essential oil) in the leaves can be destroyed!

(2) The taste of the tea:
Since the tea leaves in the tea bags are smashed into pieces (powder form), the taste may not as rich as the bigger tea leaves (the loose tea). Because, the loose tea has a better "ability" to swell and expand inside the tea cup or mug or jar or whatever it is, while the tea in the tea bags is limited since it's cramped in the little tea bags.

(3) You pay what you get:
As a matter of fact, tea bags are pricier than loose tea! Because, more works are required to produce the tea bags - smash tea leaves into powder form, pack them into its respective bag, seal the powdered tea leaves in the bag tightly, place a string and a paper, and arrange the tea bags in the box accordingly. Uh, more work, more money, yet, less quality.

Hmm. I'm not sure whether this is unusual or what. Based on my experiences, I never get before any chinese tea in form of tea bags. Maybe I'm just too...... Hehehe...

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