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May 14, 2011

Best Nasi Lemak @ Pasar malam Saberkas, Miri

Speaking of pasar malam (night market in english), there is only one in Miri, which always held on Friday and Saturday (exclude Ramadan market). It's not that big, neither too small. In case you don't know where is it located, here's a simple map for you. It's just opposite of the Boulevard Shopping Complex.

Anyway, as per title, I'm gonna introduce you the best nasi lemak (which I think apparently) @ pasar malam Saberkas. Or perhaps, it can be one of the best nasi lemak in Miri.

Ta-da~ Alright, it may seems very disgusting (uhhh)... It may look that bloody simple (yes obviously)... It may looks like very small portion (well it is)... But hey, try it and you gonna love it!

At pasar malam Saberkas, simply look for this banner...

It's the nasi lemak from Cahaya Delima.

Basically, the main ingredient that makes the nasi lemak here attractive is the sambal. There are 2 types of sambal for you to choose. Curious to know what are the 2 types of the sambal? Find it out by yourself!

Nah kidding. Well, 1 is super spicy sambal and 1 is not-so-sweet sambal. Needless to say, if you love spicy foods, then go for the spicy sambal. But, let me warn you first! The spicy sambal ain't ordinary spicy sambal, because it's ultimately beyond Godlike! Once you ate it, you gonna be a fire dragon! LOL! Even the kickest sambal of nasi lemak @ Selera Rasa Segar ain't that kick.

Anyway, after I had a "good" experience with this ultimately beyond Godlike spicy sambal, I will only order the sweet sambal. Yet, it ain't that sweet toooooo, I mean, still spicy sometimes (or did I ordered mixed sambal, who knows)!

That's it, the main concern here is the sambal, nothing else... Now that I've shown you the stall, do give it a damn try!

Opps forgot to mention, after expended the pasar malam Saberkas, the stall is located at the right end corner among the BBQ section.

Try or cry!

1 comment:

  1. sorry to say this, but the sambal is not as yummy as my mother made.. my mom made the best nasi lemak @saberkas? don't believe? lain kali datang ke Pasar Tani Saberkas hari ahad jam 7-12 thari..sure puas hati..