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April 09, 2011

Outstanding DAP Rockets @ Sarawak 10th Election in Miri

Today, I went down to Miri town with my cousin and his family to have our brunch. On our way, we saw lotsa banners and flags are hanging by the road side, especially roundabouts. Gosh! It seems that Sarawak 10th Election is around the corner - 16th April 2011.

Guess what, from my housing area and all the way to town, I can say that 98% of the banners and flags belongs to the opposition party - DAP Rockets! I shall let the photos below do the talking.

Can you see it? It's everywhere at every roundabouts! Now, some of you may not understand what are they trying to say, I will translate some, and some of it I think is funny! Scroll down, I will translate one by one.

The above message states that: "Miri is my home, changes will be depending on everyone!"

The above message states that: "SUPP stands for 40 years plus, still not enough?"

The above message on the right states that: "Support SUPP = support Taib's corruption."

Words in blue: If SUPP don't fall, the citizens will not be full (always hungry).
Words in red: You and I together will change the state of Sarawak.

The above message states that: "With Taib's cover, BN can do whatever they want."

The above message states that: "When it comes to Chinese education, SUPP will tends to run away!"

The bottom banner states that: "BN swallow all of the citizens' money".

Red word at bottom left: "If Taib don't fall, citizens will eat grass."

Well, DAP Rockets are owning in Miri I guess? On the other hand, National Front aka Barisan Nasional is just starting to hang their banners, look the photos below.

Saw the contractor on the left and the white lorry at the back? They were about to hang the banners and flags!

Ah, here's 1% of BN's banners and flags, so far...... Stay tuned for more updates, I hope...


  1. nice. thanks for the pics.

    btw please vote DAP

  2. Btw. I am from KL & comes GE we're gonna nuke NAJIB & Co.

    Let's ROCK{ET) BN !!!

  3. Thanks for the photos. It shows how the Opposition take any elections seriously and I shall do my part to snatch back my state who was robbed by BN - My dear PERAK!!!