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April 23, 2011

New toys for my bitten apple!

Since ever I got my Macbook Pro, the "poison" to complete the "package" is irresistible... Thus, I've hunted several of the related items! Unfortunately, Miri is out of stock and I bought them in Kuching. I will list the items as below:

#1. moshi 13" PalmGuard Palm Rest Protector:

I got it, it looks very cool, I hope there will be no scratches on the unibody body.

#2. Apple Magic Mouse:

This is cooler than Palm Guard! LOL! It's kinda fortunate that I managed to survive 12 days without a mouse! Anyway, this laser mouse is really magical! It's wireless and I don't even have to use any Bluetooth receiver! Uh, save one USB port! Best part is, it can be used on both Mac OS and Windows 7! Cool eh?

Anyhow, to know what this Apple Magic Mouse can do, simply watch the embedded video as below:

Yet, I still lack one more item, which is the most essential among all! It's the Speck 13" SeeThru Satin Case!

Argh! It should be my 3rd item! Miri out of stock, so do Kuching! How how how? Got 2 scratches at the bottom part my bitten apple already :(

Maybe not just one more, maybe one more wireless keyboard, a remote control and a keyboard protector? Uhm, cut the keyboard protector, as it will block the sound (speaker at bottom of keyboard)... Uh, even so, by now, I need to "repair" the hole in my wallet!

Stay tuned for more updates yo~

1 comment:

  1. I would suggest a black trackpad cover from SkinStyler, to avoid stretches and add a thin layer protection. Furthermore a black trackpad totally match with MacBook Pro black keyboard.