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April 15, 2011

My first bitten apple

*P.S: I'm digging out some time to update my blog, kinda busy with my reports and preparation for mid-terms within these few weeks.

Alright, at last, it is in my hand! Frankly speaking, I already aimed it since last year... And early February 2011, since the newer models are released, I kinda grumbled, feel like getting it instantly.

Till lately, I couldn't stand my laggy Acer anymore, also, I can't even do my assessments properly. And so, I requested a replacement from my dad. And yeah, never expected that he would approve. TQ papa! I got it from its official store via internet!

The size is just small which definitely suits me for travelling! The aluminium unibody and the backlit keyboard definitely will make my hands stick on them forever!

Oh yeah baby! The bitten apple of MacBook Pro 13" Core i5 2.3GHz with 4Gb RAM is here! Boxing time!

Uh uh uh, I wonder how crunchy and how sweet it could be! Origin from California and come from China.

Full of its own sexiness!!! *wink wink*

LED monitor which can be a mirror in black background!

Good bye Acer 4920? Perhaps so, thanks for being with me since early 2008 until early 2011 :)

Anyway, since I bought it via Apple Store online, thus, I can customise as I wanted (upgraded my hard disk to 500Gb from 320Gb) and there is a student price for students like me, simply click on the 'Educational Site' to check it out yo~

Guest how long does it took to reach to me...

It has travelled all the way from Shanghai to Hong Kong, then Kuala Lumpur and then Kuching, lastly Miri! Kinda frustrating, yet, worth the wait though! My first bitten apple!