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April 30, 2011

Hey Youtube! ezrasang is back!

Lately, I love taking videos with my Nikon D90, thus, I wish to have a place to upload my videos instead of Facebook, and here it goes - Youtube!

On 28 April 2011, I've made up my mind to sign up a Youtube account. Without remembering that I've created a Youtube account long ago, since Jan 3, 2007, I've totally forgotten the password! Ah well, resetting the password would solve the problem eh?

Hey look what I got, "I call shenanigans"?????????? I got the above message no matter how many million times I try to reset my password!!! WTF! After digging the forums and help section, I got to know that it's a kind of 'bug' and the engineers are trying to fix it. Damn it...

Frankly speaking, after knowing such issue, I lost the hope of creating a Youtube account, because I only want to use my own username! Guest what, in conjunction with the Royal wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, my password can be reset!

Uiseh, just kidding lar, I'm not that great though. LOL!

Oh yeah baby! has been recovered! Anyway peeps, I will dig out some time to learn to edit and compile videos, till then, stay tuned for more updates.

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