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April 24, 2011

Good Friday & Jesus' face @ St Joseph's Cathedral, Kuching

Since I flew to Kuching with Samuel on Friday noon, also, in conjunction with Good Friday, and so, I've followed Samuel to his church, which is St Joseph's Cathedral in Kuching. For your info, this is my first time entering a Catholic church. Now, I shall just let the photos below do the talking!

Nice church I would say! I love its magnificent design. Anyway, just look at the crowds around.

Then now, look along the roadside... Full with cars...

Alright now, let me show you the church inside. Not really inside bah...

Hmm... Well, those photos above are not my points though.  See the photos below.

Does it looks familiar to you? I mean the action of the "marble figure". I bet most of you knew it. It's the moment whereby Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, no?

And now, let me show you something unique, extraordinary and mysterious. I've noticed it while I was playing around with the Live View of my D90.

Spot anything weird? From the Live View of my Nikon D90, the face detection detected something! Below is a closer image, yet, blurry...

Saw the yellow box? It's the face detection, ain't auto focus point! Here's another one.

It's not a magic and not a trick from me! I did not edit the photos except for watermark. I even tried it at various angle, it also shows me the same result! The face detection detected Jesus Christ! And the weirdest part is that, it only detects this particular "marble figure"!!! I did try the other "marble figure" around St Joseph's Cathedral, but I get nothing.

Question in my head, maybe the marble reflects the human faces inside the church and that's why the face detection detects it? Only God knows it, I think.

Believe it or not, up to you. I'm just sharing what I got, and uh by the way, Samuel can be my witnesser ;)

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