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April 23, 2011

Free week and assessments @ Cat City

Oh yeah! At last, I'm having a break! But... Just for a week...... Damn... Anyway, I got 5 reports and 1 assignment to complete within this one free week, or should I call it assessment week? *yawn*

Hell yeah it sounds very boring, indeed, with the heavy workloads. But guess what, this free week not gonna be as boring as you think! Because, I'm in the Cat City! Meow~

Fuh, the last time I went to Cat City, well known as Kuching, was... Erm... I think 10 years ago? Or perhaps longer! Couldn't recall it. Anyway, Samuel, my coursemate who is from Kuching, will be my tour guide throughout this week until next Saturday!

Indirectly, this one week break is an assessment week, a visiting trip and also a makan-makan trip @ Kuching! Stay tuned for more updates yo~

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