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April 03, 2011

Did you miss the McDonald's FREE Big Breakfast?

On March, no matter where you go, once you talk about McDonald's, people will tend to ask you whether you tried the 2 FREE Big Breakfast set when you spend at least RM5.

Well, only those who liked McDonald's Malaysia fan page in facebook will get to know such promotion. And hell yeah, I get to know one week later after it was released (I'm a fan since last year). Guess I was too busy with my assessments and didn't notice such promotion.

And so, on 25th March, I've printed about 16 copies of this particular coupon, to share it with people around me. On 26th March, my cousin, his family members and I went to nearby McDonald's in our housing area to catch this cool promotion. Guess what, we reached there about 9:45am and the queue was soooooo long like nobody business. Yet, we've queued along with the crowd until half way... 10:10am, the person in charge at the counter shouted: "Big breakfast set out of stock!"

Jeez, so we left McD with full of disappointment. In order for us not to miss this promotion, we went to McD again on the next day! Guess the time we went there! Uh, 4:45am! Again, OUT OF STOCK! Didn't restock huh? Oh wait, I just remembered that Miri has only 3 branches of McD so far!!!

But it doesn't stop me for not going to McD, I went there again on the last day of this promotion, 31st March. This time, I went there with my friends, after our lab session at 9am!

We, 4 person have ordered 3 sets and we shared among ourself (photo above is illustrating one set). These 3 sets of big breakfast do gave us a big surprise!

Because of this Big Breakfast from McD, we've skipped lunch and it lasted until dinner! Gosh, how I wish this promotion could last forever or at least have another round! And I don't mind wasting another 13 sets of coupon!

1 comment:

  1. we missed it D:
    we went thr at 6.20am, super long queue!