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April 26, 2011

Beware of fake CIMB Clicks!

First was the presence of fake Maybank2u, M2U. If you don't know about it, do check out my previous blog post @ HERE and don't you worry, it's safe! Yet now, here comes the fake CIMB Clicks!

Goddammit! Urgh! This fake, that fake, every single thing also fake! Uh, I'm not making fake statement here! Nevermind, I'm here about to share on how to determine the fake CIMB Clicks (just in case you don't know how)!

Similar to fake M2U, I got the e-mail @ Junk folder and my itchy hands wanna test it out! The title of that junk mail was "You've Got 1 Security Message!"... Okay, it's my bad to move it to Inbox in the first place. Anyway, it's for everyone's good sake for me to proof it, no? LOL

Now, just see the two attached screen shoots, as below!

Well, if you see the e-mail address above, it's exactly the same as the official one. But hey wait! When I pointed my cursor on the link provided, which is the, my Internet Explorer shows me something else! Just see the attached screen shoot above, it's NOT a link from CIMB Clicks!

And when I accidentally clicked the link provided, my Internet Explorer shows me the following result:

Cool eh? So people, don't be fooled though! Likewise, to be sure that you're safe with the login part, do ensure that the link is https:// instead of http://

The extra 's' stands for Secure! Please take note and be aware!


  1. ugh, i just noticed it a while ago.
    once i put my password, it went back to the login page again. i suspect something suspicious then I checked that it was the fake one.
    and when I want to login to the real cimb clicks, it says I cant login ...
    so, will something bad happen to my account? im scared~ i've contacted the cimb service, but they are always busy! how? please help ><