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April 30, 2011

Hey Youtube! ezrasang is back!

Lately, I love taking videos with my Nikon D90, thus, I wish to have a place to upload my videos instead of Facebook, and here it goes - Youtube!

On 28 April 2011, I've made up my mind to sign up a Youtube account. Without remembering that I've created a Youtube account long ago, since Jan 3, 2007, I've totally forgotten the password! Ah well, resetting the password would solve the problem eh?

Hey look what I got, "I call shenanigans"?????????? I got the above message no matter how many million times I try to reset my password!!! WTF! After digging the forums and help section, I got to know that it's a kind of 'bug' and the engineers are trying to fix it. Damn it...

Frankly speaking, after knowing such issue, I lost the hope of creating a Youtube account, because I only want to use my own username! Guest what, in conjunction with the Royal wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, my password can be reset!

Uiseh, just kidding lar, I'm not that great though. LOL!

Oh yeah baby! has been recovered! Anyway peeps, I will dig out some time to learn to edit and compile videos, till then, stay tuned for more updates.

April 26, 2011

Beware of fake CIMB Clicks!

First was the presence of fake Maybank2u, M2U. If you don't know about it, do check out my previous blog post @ HERE and don't you worry, it's safe! Yet now, here comes the fake CIMB Clicks!

Goddammit! Urgh! This fake, that fake, every single thing also fake! Uh, I'm not making fake statement here! Nevermind, I'm here about to share on how to determine the fake CIMB Clicks (just in case you don't know how)!

Similar to fake M2U, I got the e-mail @ Junk folder and my itchy hands wanna test it out! The title of that junk mail was "You've Got 1 Security Message!"... Okay, it's my bad to move it to Inbox in the first place. Anyway, it's for everyone's good sake for me to proof it, no? LOL

Now, just see the two attached screen shoots, as below!

Well, if you see the e-mail address above, it's exactly the same as the official one. But hey wait! When I pointed my cursor on the link provided, which is the, my Internet Explorer shows me something else! Just see the attached screen shoot above, it's NOT a link from CIMB Clicks!

And when I accidentally clicked the link provided, my Internet Explorer shows me the following result:

Cool eh? So people, don't be fooled though! Likewise, to be sure that you're safe with the login part, do ensure that the link is https:// instead of http://

The extra 's' stands for Secure! Please take note and be aware!

April 24, 2011

Good Friday & Jesus' face @ St Joseph's Cathedral, Kuching

Since I flew to Kuching with Samuel on Friday noon, also, in conjunction with Good Friday, and so, I've followed Samuel to his church, which is St Joseph's Cathedral in Kuching. For your info, this is my first time entering a Catholic church. Now, I shall just let the photos below do the talking!

Nice church I would say! I love its magnificent design. Anyway, just look at the crowds around.

Then now, look along the roadside... Full with cars...

Alright now, let me show you the church inside. Not really inside bah...

Hmm... Well, those photos above are not my points though.  See the photos below.

Does it looks familiar to you? I mean the action of the "marble figure". I bet most of you knew it. It's the moment whereby Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, no?

And now, let me show you something unique, extraordinary and mysterious. I've noticed it while I was playing around with the Live View of my D90.

Spot anything weird? From the Live View of my Nikon D90, the face detection detected something! Below is a closer image, yet, blurry...

Saw the yellow box? It's the face detection, ain't auto focus point! Here's another one.

It's not a magic and not a trick from me! I did not edit the photos except for watermark. I even tried it at various angle, it also shows me the same result! The face detection detected Jesus Christ! And the weirdest part is that, it only detects this particular "marble figure"!!! I did try the other "marble figure" around St Joseph's Cathedral, but I get nothing.

Question in my head, maybe the marble reflects the human faces inside the church and that's why the face detection detects it? Only God knows it, I think.

Believe it or not, up to you. I'm just sharing what I got, and uh by the way, Samuel can be my witnesser ;)

April 23, 2011

New toys for my bitten apple!

Since ever I got my Macbook Pro, the "poison" to complete the "package" is irresistible... Thus, I've hunted several of the related items! Unfortunately, Miri is out of stock and I bought them in Kuching. I will list the items as below:

#1. moshi 13" PalmGuard Palm Rest Protector:

I got it, it looks very cool, I hope there will be no scratches on the unibody body.

#2. Apple Magic Mouse:

This is cooler than Palm Guard! LOL! It's kinda fortunate that I managed to survive 12 days without a mouse! Anyway, this laser mouse is really magical! It's wireless and I don't even have to use any Bluetooth receiver! Uh, save one USB port! Best part is, it can be used on both Mac OS and Windows 7! Cool eh?

Anyhow, to know what this Apple Magic Mouse can do, simply watch the embedded video as below:

Yet, I still lack one more item, which is the most essential among all! It's the Speck 13" SeeThru Satin Case!

Argh! It should be my 3rd item! Miri out of stock, so do Kuching! How how how? Got 2 scratches at the bottom part my bitten apple already :(

Maybe not just one more, maybe one more wireless keyboard, a remote control and a keyboard protector? Uhm, cut the keyboard protector, as it will block the sound (speaker at bottom of keyboard)... Uh, even so, by now, I need to "repair" the hole in my wallet!

Stay tuned for more updates yo~

Free week and assessments @ Cat City

Oh yeah! At last, I'm having a break! But... Just for a week...... Damn... Anyway, I got 5 reports and 1 assignment to complete within this one free week, or should I call it assessment week? *yawn*

Hell yeah it sounds very boring, indeed, with the heavy workloads. But guess what, this free week not gonna be as boring as you think! Because, I'm in the Cat City! Meow~

Fuh, the last time I went to Cat City, well known as Kuching, was... Erm... I think 10 years ago? Or perhaps longer! Couldn't recall it. Anyway, Samuel, my coursemate who is from Kuching, will be my tour guide throughout this week until next Saturday!

Indirectly, this one week break is an assessment week, a visiting trip and also a makan-makan trip @ Kuching! Stay tuned for more updates yo~

April 15, 2011

My first bitten apple

*P.S: I'm digging out some time to update my blog, kinda busy with my reports and preparation for mid-terms within these few weeks.

Alright, at last, it is in my hand! Frankly speaking, I already aimed it since last year... And early February 2011, since the newer models are released, I kinda grumbled, feel like getting it instantly.

Till lately, I couldn't stand my laggy Acer anymore, also, I can't even do my assessments properly. And so, I requested a replacement from my dad. And yeah, never expected that he would approve. TQ papa! I got it from its official store via internet!

The size is just small which definitely suits me for travelling! The aluminium unibody and the backlit keyboard definitely will make my hands stick on them forever!

Oh yeah baby! The bitten apple of MacBook Pro 13" Core i5 2.3GHz with 4Gb RAM is here! Boxing time!

Uh uh uh, I wonder how crunchy and how sweet it could be! Origin from California and come from China.

Full of its own sexiness!!! *wink wink*

LED monitor which can be a mirror in black background!

Good bye Acer 4920? Perhaps so, thanks for being with me since early 2008 until early 2011 :)

Anyway, since I bought it via Apple Store online, thus, I can customise as I wanted (upgraded my hard disk to 500Gb from 320Gb) and there is a student price for students like me, simply click on the 'Educational Site' to check it out yo~

Guest how long does it took to reach to me...

It has travelled all the way from Shanghai to Hong Kong, then Kuala Lumpur and then Kuching, lastly Miri! Kinda frustrating, yet, worth the wait though! My first bitten apple!

April 09, 2011

Outstanding DAP Rockets @ Sarawak 10th Election in Miri

Today, I went down to Miri town with my cousin and his family to have our brunch. On our way, we saw lotsa banners and flags are hanging by the road side, especially roundabouts. Gosh! It seems that Sarawak 10th Election is around the corner - 16th April 2011.

Guess what, from my housing area and all the way to town, I can say that 98% of the banners and flags belongs to the opposition party - DAP Rockets! I shall let the photos below do the talking.

Can you see it? It's everywhere at every roundabouts! Now, some of you may not understand what are they trying to say, I will translate some, and some of it I think is funny! Scroll down, I will translate one by one.

The above message states that: "Miri is my home, changes will be depending on everyone!"

The above message states that: "SUPP stands for 40 years plus, still not enough?"

The above message on the right states that: "Support SUPP = support Taib's corruption."

Words in blue: If SUPP don't fall, the citizens will not be full (always hungry).
Words in red: You and I together will change the state of Sarawak.

The above message states that: "With Taib's cover, BN can do whatever they want."

The above message states that: "When it comes to Chinese education, SUPP will tends to run away!"

The bottom banner states that: "BN swallow all of the citizens' money".

Red word at bottom left: "If Taib don't fall, citizens will eat grass."

Well, DAP Rockets are owning in Miri I guess? On the other hand, National Front aka Barisan Nasional is just starting to hang their banners, look the photos below.

Saw the contractor on the left and the white lorry at the back? They were about to hang the banners and flags!

Ah, here's 1% of BN's banners and flags, so far...... Stay tuned for more updates, I hope...

April 03, 2011

Did you miss the McDonald's FREE Big Breakfast?

On March, no matter where you go, once you talk about McDonald's, people will tend to ask you whether you tried the 2 FREE Big Breakfast set when you spend at least RM5.

Well, only those who liked McDonald's Malaysia fan page in facebook will get to know such promotion. And hell yeah, I get to know one week later after it was released (I'm a fan since last year). Guess I was too busy with my assessments and didn't notice such promotion.

And so, on 25th March, I've printed about 16 copies of this particular coupon, to share it with people around me. On 26th March, my cousin, his family members and I went to nearby McDonald's in our housing area to catch this cool promotion. Guess what, we reached there about 9:45am and the queue was soooooo long like nobody business. Yet, we've queued along with the crowd until half way... 10:10am, the person in charge at the counter shouted: "Big breakfast set out of stock!"

Jeez, so we left McD with full of disappointment. In order for us not to miss this promotion, we went to McD again on the next day! Guess the time we went there! Uh, 4:45am! Again, OUT OF STOCK! Didn't restock huh? Oh wait, I just remembered that Miri has only 3 branches of McD so far!!!

But it doesn't stop me for not going to McD, I went there again on the last day of this promotion, 31st March. This time, I went there with my friends, after our lab session at 9am!

We, 4 person have ordered 3 sets and we shared among ourself (photo above is illustrating one set). These 3 sets of big breakfast do gave us a big surprise!

Because of this Big Breakfast from McD, we've skipped lunch and it lasted until dinner! Gosh, how I wish this promotion could last forever or at least have another round! And I don't mind wasting another 13 sets of coupon!