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March 20, 2011

Uncle 71 Cafe, Permyjaya, Miri, Sarawak

I was recommended by my aunt to try the foods @ Uncle 71 Cafe around our housing area in Permyjaya, Miri. It was newly open while I was in KL for my 3 months semester break. According to my aunt, the foods at there are pretty good.

Now, check out the photos below, they may look normal, but the taste are beyond my expectation (of course not the best lar), guess my aunt was right.

The roasted pork is crispy. Recommended to try if you're a pork lover.

Well, I prefer char siew, so I think when you come here, it's a must to try!

Hmm, the steamed chicken is simply normal though.

Do order the drinks at there, because the mug for the drinks are unique (big). Anyway, Uncle 71 Cafe serves variety of foods with reasonable prices, simple check the menu below.

I think Uncle 71 Cafe opens from morning till afternoon. To find the shop is very easy, it's located at the huge roundabout of Permyjaya housing area. You may see the shop as the photo below.

Try or cry! Ohya, free Wi-Fi is available too ;)

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