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March 05, 2011

DiGi Broadband Speedtest in Miri (March 2011)

Previously (on November 2010), I've stated that I got no fate with DiGi Broadband @ DiGi 3G coverage in Miri, yet, no fate. Well, I guess the Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF) has heard my voice!

(Image source:

Before I went back to Miri to start my Degree Year 3 Semester 1, I went to Plaza Low Yat to hunt the cheapest Broadband. Reason, as usual, I'm not satisfied with what I've paid, RM98 per month for a not so stable Celcom Broadband (got to add another RM2 for billing). The only choice left is, I either downgrade it to the package of RM38 (for the first 3 months, then later RM48) or else sign up with Maxis Broadband RM38 (for the first 5 months, then later RM48).

However, I've found out that the RM38 package for Maxis Broadband requires my dad to sign up for me. Because our family are using Maxis Postpaid family plan and my dad is the main account holder. Without thinking to disturb my workaholic dad, I've turn down the offer as well.

Uh, in Low Yat, DiGi banner stand has caught my eyes - DiGi Broadband RM38 per month! And so, I try my luck and approach to them. It seems that the package of RM38 will remain RM38 forever! Unlike Celcom and Maxis, RM38 for the first few months then later become RM48. Cool! I've asked the promoter to check the Broadband coverage in Miri, check whether got any coverage extension... Guess the luck is with me! Yeah! Without further thought, I've paid RM100 for registration and sign up the RM38 package immediately (same as Celcom, go to add another RM2 for billing, so total will be RM40 per month).

(the red dot is my place)

Well, the only weaknesses of this RM38 package are:

* Limit to 3Gb quota.
* Average speed of 700kbps(d/l), 200kbps(u/l), from 7am-7pm.
* After 7pm, speed will be throttled to 128kbps and P2P will be blocked.
So, the following is the speedtest results from I will show the speed for both day and night. Day goes first.

Brunei as the server test.

KL as the server test.

Well, not bad to me. Then, at night after 7pm.

Brunei as the server test.

KL as the server test.

I have to admit that it's very slow after 7pm. However, it's stable! Unlike Celcom Broadband which tends to get disconnected from time to time.

Well DiGi Broadband, so far so good. Perhaps I haven't exceed the 3Gb quota and couldn't feel the pain yet? *touch wood* Anyhow, the buffering speed during day time is very fast indeed! Like what DiGi claimed!

Stay tuned for further notice yo! Let's see what will I face after the 3Gb quota. LOL! Ohya, if I'm super satisfy with DiGi Broadband, I'm gonna cancel the RM98 Celcom Broadband. *peace*

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