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March 10, 2011

Beware of fake M2U! Check this out!

Alright, lucky I'm smart enough to notice these are the fake M2U. Without wasting time, I'll straight to my points. Observe each of the attached images carefully!

These few days, I've noticed that will prompt this alert as soon after I login.

Anyhow, for the first time, I've received an e-mail from '' with the title of '-Notice- Account Update‏'... However, this particular e-mail was dumped into the Junk by hotmail. Due to curiosity, I eagerly moved this particular e-mail to my inbox and opened it.

Now, let me show you how did I notice it is the fake one!

Uh, please take note on these two points:
(1) Red line above - it should be maybank2u instead of maybank!
(2) Red circle above - Typo! The word 'understanding' can become 'undersatanding'! What an idiot!

After knowing these two points, I still forced myself to proceed by clicking 'Click Here To Continue'... Like I said, due to curiosity... hehehe

After clicking it, it direct me to a site which looks 100% the same with maybank2u! I was surprised! Yet, I caught it by noticing the following few points.

(1) Fake links with fake title!
(2) Fake date and time!!! In fact, delayed by one hour plus!

Simple to determine isn't it? The name of the site is eh? Its true name should be 'A Con E Group'!

Anyway peeps, to be sure that you're safe with the login part, do ensure that the link is https:// instead of http://

The extra 's' stands for Secure! Please take note and be aware!


  1. i received the email a few days ago, which was funny because i never had a maybank account in the first place ehahahaha.

  2. Ya, I heard that too. Few of my friends received such e-mail from time to time (they don't have M2U too). But still, gotta be aware ;)

  3. holy crap.. i got that email like yesterday.. i was like.. wth the hell maybanksmth email in my spam list.. i almost bothered to check it out at the profile thing.. haha

  4. i got that sort of letter last year, didn't give a damn but pestering nuisance

  5. Cool thing that you get to find out. We gotta beware of this.