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March 30, 2011

Earth Hour 2011 in Miri

Earth Hour in Miri is repeating like the past years, no major support and nobody really bother about it. Just look at the photo below:

The photo above shows partially of the Miri city and taken from the peak of Canada Hill. Can you see the result? Miri city is still shining brightly even during Earth Hour!

Hey peeps, please be supportive, will ya? Anyway, here's a spammed photo from me - the back part of Petroleum Museum in Miri.

I may be on Canada Hill, but it doesn't mean that I'm not supporting Earth Hour. I will switch off the lights whenever I don't need them!

March 21, 2011

Supermoon I got on 19 March 2011

Ah well, here's a short blog post about the supermoon I got, since every where, especially in facebook and forum, everyone is spreading the news about the supermoon.

I stayed whole night long to catch the supermoon from Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Yet, all I could get was supercloud! Until 2:40am (20 March) Malaysia time, I can only see the ordinary-almost-full-sized moon.

I wonder how does the supermoon looks like from my place at 5am... Guess I gotta wait for the next supermoon? Or no? *finger crossed*

*P.S: Sorry for the low quality photo though, I cropped the photo a lot. hehe

March 20, 2011

Uncle 71 Cafe, Permyjaya, Miri, Sarawak

I was recommended by my aunt to try the foods @ Uncle 71 Cafe around our housing area in Permyjaya, Miri. It was newly open while I was in KL for my 3 months semester break. According to my aunt, the foods at there are pretty good.

Now, check out the photos below, they may look normal, but the taste are beyond my expectation (of course not the best lar), guess my aunt was right.

The roasted pork is crispy. Recommended to try if you're a pork lover.

Well, I prefer char siew, so I think when you come here, it's a must to try!

Hmm, the steamed chicken is simply normal though.

Do order the drinks at there, because the mug for the drinks are unique (big). Anyway, Uncle 71 Cafe serves variety of foods with reasonable prices, simple check the menu below.

I think Uncle 71 Cafe opens from morning till afternoon. To find the shop is very easy, it's located at the huge roundabout of Permyjaya housing area. You may see the shop as the photo below.

Try or cry! Ohya, free Wi-Fi is available too ;)

March 10, 2011

Beware of fake M2U! Check this out!

Alright, lucky I'm smart enough to notice these are the fake M2U. Without wasting time, I'll straight to my points. Observe each of the attached images carefully!

These few days, I've noticed that will prompt this alert as soon after I login.

Anyhow, for the first time, I've received an e-mail from '' with the title of '-Notice- Account Update‏'... However, this particular e-mail was dumped into the Junk by hotmail. Due to curiosity, I eagerly moved this particular e-mail to my inbox and opened it.

Now, let me show you how did I notice it is the fake one!

Uh, please take note on these two points:
(1) Red line above - it should be maybank2u instead of maybank!
(2) Red circle above - Typo! The word 'understanding' can become 'undersatanding'! What an idiot!

After knowing these two points, I still forced myself to proceed by clicking 'Click Here To Continue'... Like I said, due to curiosity... hehehe

After clicking it, it direct me to a site which looks 100% the same with maybank2u! I was surprised! Yet, I caught it by noticing the following few points.

(1) Fake links with fake title!
(2) Fake date and time!!! In fact, delayed by one hour plus!

Simple to determine isn't it? The name of the site is eh? Its true name should be 'A Con E Group'!

Anyway peeps, to be sure that you're safe with the login part, do ensure that the link is https:// instead of http://

The extra 's' stands for Secure! Please take note and be aware!

March 08, 2011

The feeling of Missing & Loving

After returning to Miri for one week plus to continue my 3rd year Degree, the feeling of missing has started, with invalid reasons...


(Image source:

Yes! Started to miss Taylor Swift! Now now, I'm just kidding. hehehe. I'm missing the food below:

Ya, it's just noodle... Tell you what, it ain't ordinary noodle yo! It's one of my favourite meal, regardless for breakfast, lunch or dinner! It's the Pontian Wantan Mee #5! What's the #5 stands for? Basically, there are 5 types of Pontian Wantan mee in the menu, and I will always order #5! It will be mixed with all kind of sauce, which includes tomato sauce, chilli sauce, black sauce and many more!

*Sluuuuurp* Damn it, I wanna eat it!!! Guess I gotta wait until my next semester break, that gonna be June-July... Gosh, I couldn't stand it!

Anyway... A good news here! Guess what? No need guess lah, I tell you now. I've tried something new, which I never try it before in my entire life since the day I was born. And now, the feeling of love has just began.


(Image source:

LOL! Not Taylor Swift, but the food below too =P

Looks like biscuit or bread to you? Ah well, stated in the photo above. It's the kong pia (光饼) from Sibu. In case you don't understand, it's a kind of biscuit. Why do I purposely mention Sibu? Because it's well-known for the best and can be found easily in Sibu!

Uh, with the present of sesame seeds... It smells good, it taste good, it is good! I'm loving it! Anyway, the one I've tried was just the ordinary kong pia, indirectly, the unfilled type. According to my friends, there are a lot of flavours and filling which can be found in Sibu. Why didn't I get the chance to taste it? Because the kong pia above were brought all the way to Miri from Sibu, that was 6 hours journey by car. According to my friends, it's better to eat the filled kong pia in Sibu instead of bringing to Miri, because the filling will eventually spoil. Some day, I'm gonna try them all!

Conclusion: I'm missing the Pontian Wantan Mee #5 and loving the kong pia from Sibu!

March 05, 2011

DiGi Broadband Speedtest in Miri (March 2011)

Previously (on November 2010), I've stated that I got no fate with DiGi Broadband @ DiGi 3G coverage in Miri, yet, no fate. Well, I guess the Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF) has heard my voice!

(Image source:

Before I went back to Miri to start my Degree Year 3 Semester 1, I went to Plaza Low Yat to hunt the cheapest Broadband. Reason, as usual, I'm not satisfied with what I've paid, RM98 per month for a not so stable Celcom Broadband (got to add another RM2 for billing). The only choice left is, I either downgrade it to the package of RM38 (for the first 3 months, then later RM48) or else sign up with Maxis Broadband RM38 (for the first 5 months, then later RM48).

However, I've found out that the RM38 package for Maxis Broadband requires my dad to sign up for me. Because our family are using Maxis Postpaid family plan and my dad is the main account holder. Without thinking to disturb my workaholic dad, I've turn down the offer as well.

Uh, in Low Yat, DiGi banner stand has caught my eyes - DiGi Broadband RM38 per month! And so, I try my luck and approach to them. It seems that the package of RM38 will remain RM38 forever! Unlike Celcom and Maxis, RM38 for the first few months then later become RM48. Cool! I've asked the promoter to check the Broadband coverage in Miri, check whether got any coverage extension... Guess the luck is with me! Yeah! Without further thought, I've paid RM100 for registration and sign up the RM38 package immediately (same as Celcom, go to add another RM2 for billing, so total will be RM40 per month).

(the red dot is my place)

Well, the only weaknesses of this RM38 package are:

* Limit to 3Gb quota.
* Average speed of 700kbps(d/l), 200kbps(u/l), from 7am-7pm.
* After 7pm, speed will be throttled to 128kbps and P2P will be blocked.
So, the following is the speedtest results from I will show the speed for both day and night. Day goes first.

Brunei as the server test.

KL as the server test.

Well, not bad to me. Then, at night after 7pm.

Brunei as the server test.

KL as the server test.

I have to admit that it's very slow after 7pm. However, it's stable! Unlike Celcom Broadband which tends to get disconnected from time to time.

Well DiGi Broadband, so far so good. Perhaps I haven't exceed the 3Gb quota and couldn't feel the pain yet? *touch wood* Anyhow, the buffering speed during day time is very fast indeed! Like what DiGi claimed!

Stay tuned for further notice yo! Let's see what will I face after the 3Gb quota. LOL! Ohya, if I'm super satisfy with DiGi Broadband, I'm gonna cancel the RM98 Celcom Broadband. *peace*