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February 20, 2011

Visiting Aquaria KLCC

First of all, many thanks to my buddy, Alvin Chiew, for getting us the free tickets to Aquaria KLCC. Hehehe... How he got it, don't ask me. LOL!

Alright folks, make sure you're clear about the map in this aquaria. Basically, the aquaria has two levels with several divisions. At Level One, it consists of Touch Pool, The Stream and Jewels of the Jungle. As for Level Two, it consists of The Deep Forest, The Coast, Oceanarium and many more. Just refer to the maps as below:

Level 1:

Level 2:

Now, imagine the maps above and I shall let the photos below do the talking...

From the entrance, it's pretty obvious to see the sign above - Piranha Feeding Show @ 4pm daily.

Cool eh? Can see Piranha at closer view, instead of going to South America.

Nyummy, the Coatimundi is having yogurt as lunch and fruits as well (I did not capture the fruit part).

Saw the crowd above? Well, it's feeding session at Aqua Theatre.

Uh, look at that, it's a Giant Blotched Fantail Ray! Look at its magnificent size! It still can grow though!

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, the diver dressed up like a God of Wealth. Gong xi gong xi!

Anyhow folks, if you're planning to visit the Aquaria KLCC, I would suggest you to go either on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. Because there will be special feeding sessions. I've missed it though, because we went on Sunday (the only day where everybody was free).

Ohya, feel free to visit Aquaria KLCC Official Website for more info @ HERE. Be sure to have fun at there ;)

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