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February 28, 2011

Foods @ Lawan Kuda, Gopeng, Perak

On my recent visit to my sister in Gopeng (due to National Service), my family members and I have discovered some cheap-yet-not-so-bad foods in the near by small town @ Gopeng, known as Lawan Kuda.

First, I'm gonna introduce the popiah a.ka. fresh spring roll. It's the Old Town Kong Heng Popiah.

As you can see from the picture above, there are two types of popiah - the ordinary one and the fried one. Tell you what, I love both of them! Each popiah has its own uniqueness. The ordinary one is very juicy whereas the fried one is very crispy! Both taste super good, especially the fillings inside!

Next, I'm gonna introduce two stalls of fried carrot cakes a.k.a chai tow kway. One is fried by a lady whereas the other one is fried by a man. Refer to the two photos below.

Basically, the similarity is just the ingredients. The main differences are the frying style and the taste. Based on the two photos above, you may see that the lady's fried carrot cake looks very common whereas the man's one is in long rectangular shape. Both taste good. Here's the thing, if you prefer the sweeter one, go for the lady; if you prefer the spicier one, then go for the man. I personally prefer the lady, because the fried carrot cake smells better.

Next next, it's the rice noodle roll a.k.a chee cheong fun and miscellaneous fried stuffs - yong tau foo etc.

Sorry, I didn't capture any photos of the chee cheong fun, however, every thing from this shop simply tastes good!

Looooong queue... Apparently, this shop was recommended in the press before, which is The Star newspaper. To read the full article, click HERE. Be sure to try it yo!

Lastly, all of the foods above can be found at the address below.

LOL, the address seems incomplete... Anyway, just follow the sign board to 'Program Latihan Khidmat Negara' towards Gopeng, you'll definitely pass by this small town.

Try or cry!

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