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February 10, 2011

Chicken Rice Ball @ Restaurant Huang Chang, Melaka

Chicken rice ball can be found easily in Melaka, but of course not every single corner of Melaka. There are several shops that sell chicken rice ball, but which is better? It depends on individual. (Do I have to tell you this? LOL)

When it comes to chicken rice ball, I personally prefer the one that is served @ Restaurant Huang Chang, Melaka Baru, Melaka. Reasons? Simple, the rice is less oilier compared to some other places and their chili sauce are enormous! The best part is that the cucumbers are always fresh and crunchy! Always!

Yummy! Anyway, here's the sign of the shop.

As for its location, hmmmm. Some where within the red circle region in the map below, hehehe.

Be there early, or the chicken rice ball will finish during lunch break! Try or cry!

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