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February 21, 2011

Best Egg Tarts @ TK Bread & Tarts

Egg tarts can be everyone's favourite. However, it's not an easy task to hunt a delicious egg tart. And so, I was recommended to try the egg tarts @ Tong Kee aka TK Bread & Tarts.

I'm not too sure how many types of egg tarts are there @ TK Bread & Tarts. Maybe just those two types as shown above?

Anyhow, my taste buds ain't good... I've tried both ordinary and butter egg tarts, but both taste the same. LOL! Their egg tarts are the watery/juicy type and they taste super delicious! *Slurp* Also, the crust of the egg tarts have lotsa layers! Cripy... Nyummy~

I could say that TK Bread & Tarts serves the best egg tarts in Malaysia? Top of all, the egg tarts are always freshly baked from oven!

I'm not too sure how many branches of TK Bread & Tarts out there, the one I've tried is located @ Sri Petaling.

Basically, it's very near to Hotel Sri Petaling. Just follow the sign board to Hotel Sri Petaling in case you don't know the exact location. Anyway, you may also try the one at Damansara Utama.

Try or cry!

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