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February 14, 2011

2 birthday cakes, 2 puppies

*Warning: This blog post can be very boring, because the blogger is "forced" to blog about it.

Now now, the blogger, Ezra Sang, has turned into 21 by year 2011. Frankly speaking, I dislike to celebrate my own birthday, because I'm shy! The most awkward moment is when everybody sings, look at you while you stand in front of your cake and you're holding a plastic knife doing nothing... Blah blah blah

Anyway, 1st, thanks to my "oldest" sister, Elycia, for baking a cake for me. LOL!

*P.S: This is Part One, it happened in KL.

What cake does it looks like hur? Any diea folks?

Ta-da~ It's a cheesecake! More photos of the cheesecake? See HERE.

It's not a party because I've requested NOT to celebrate my birthday, regardless it's 21 years old or 50 golden years. Anyhow, I got a present from my 3 sisters. Hmmmmmm

It's a 6-in-1 solar kits. You can choose to build either a solar windmill, solar revolving plane, solar airboat, solar plane, solar car or solar puppy. On that night itself, I've picked to build a solar puppy. Ain't it cute?! Awww~

On 2nd day, my aunt brought back a carrot cake for me... OMG...

*P.S: This is Part Two, it occurred in Melaka.

I'm super speechless when this happened... What can I say? LOL! And this time, I got another present from my cousins.

Hey look! It's another puppy! Ain't it cute?! Awww~

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